How To Aim Golf Lesson

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Conor Murphy says:

Thanks Mark! Excited to give this a go. Been using the feet line since I was a kid but I've honestly always had a problem with my aim, even in putting. Difficult to make solid shots when there's a lack of confidence in the aim

Kevin Sheriff says:

dig this one bra! lasermybeam

W5 Reservation Center says:

Guru you got the best video!

Alex Blanc says:

Thank you for posting this video! It's been an area I'm doing my best to improve on. I think I was more focused on my foot and body aim versus the ball. I'll give it some practice and see how it goes

Charles Harrison says:

Another great video. Keep them coming. It is so simple an idea that wherever the club face is pointing that is where the ball is going to go. I will practice this idea as I often struggle with direction of my shots.

Brian Driscoll says:

Def going to try this today! I've been having such issues with my aim.

Dave Orton says:

I discovered this very thing through years of trial and error as a golfer and analyzing my setup and shots. This is the first time I've heard anyone else mention the fact that adjusting your stance has an effect on ball position. I honestly thought I was the only one in the world who knew. Great video that shows why Crossfield is the Guru!

point defense 90 says:

Makes pretty good sense. Now that I think about it, the reason I probably hit my wedges so straight is because I'm subconsciously favoring aiming using the angle the face presents to the ball, and thinking much less about my feet; it also helps that the closer I seem to be to the pin, the less overthinking I try to do. I'll try aiming with the face of my long irons by getting the club face to present how I think it should, then see if my feet follow naturally.

G Sea says:

Great idea, I'll try it tomorrow.

BadBoiiOwen says:

This sounds so like me regarding using my feet to line up to the certain referance point i use for lining up my shots

Andrew Nikolic says:

This found this lesson helpful for "feeling" the relationship of club face, path and feet alignment for shot shaping. On the range I would alternate between a fade, straight and draw and hit target with a decent amount of consistency.

Rob Bolland says:

After watching that I now see why I tend to go left. Thanks again Mark

TrailTrackers says:

Just happened across this video again and wanted to comment. A couple years ago my son had this problem; I would help him adjust his aim and he would just rotate his feet which would in turn change the ball position relative to his setup. I think what Mark is showing here, like he indicates, is just one way to get 'aimed' correctly, and I think it's brilliant.

With that said, there are lots of people who will find that lining up their feet is the best way for them to continue; and that's fine. What I finally did to help my son understand the concept of changing his aim while maintaining his relative ball position was to get one of my daughter's smaller hoola-hoops and lay it on the ground with the ball in the center. Then I had him do a couple 360° rotations 'around' the ball. This is what finally made it sink in for him; if you're using your feet to get aligned and want to change your aim, move 'around' the ball in a circle.

adritch says:

Such a great video (another). So simple yet so smart. Makes so much more sense to put the club between the legs. My brother puts one across my feet to show me that my feet are always pointed right or some such thing. I have never worried about "aiming" my feet though, just my club face. Maybe that's why I always outscore him lol.

enrkfarn says:

No offence good advice mate but zzzzzz you don't half rabbit on ?

jbn675478 says:

just pick an intermediate target about 3-5 inches in front of the ball.

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