Golf Workouts at Home: Intro And Workout 1/5

Looking for good golf workouts? Golf exercises at home? In Video 1 of this 5-part video series, Jaacob Bowden, PGA introduces you to a week-long golf workout program that you can do right from the comfort of your own home. It's one of the best golf workouts you can do in order to quickly and drastically increase club head speed, add power to your game and hit bombs, and lower your handicap and scoring potential.

Golf Workout Program Training Routines Overview:

Day 1 – Dynamic Swing Strength
Day 2 – Isometric Downswing Strength, Dynamic Swing Speed, Full Swing Repetitions
Day 3 – Isometric Downswing Strength, Dynamic Downswing Overspeed, Full Swing Repetitions
Day 4 – Rest & Recover
Day 5 – Isometric Downswing Strength, Dynamic Swing Strength, Dynamic Swing Speed, Full Swing Repetitions
Day 6 – Dynamic Downswing Overspeed, Full Swing Repetitions
Day 7 – Rest & Recover

If you would like to do the exercises symmetrically for both sides of the body, particularly the strength exercises, that is fine.

Jaacob Bowden's Personal Progress:
“At the time that I'm providing this update, today marks 2-weeks since I've been getting back on at-home swing speed training. I've only done 6 workouts in these 14 days (mostly using the Day 5 workout), however, I'm already back up 17 mph on my Swing Speed Radar. Here are my best speeds with my current driver gamer for the days I got in a workout. As you can see, it's kind of a zigzag upward pattern of progress. My previous personal record in 2007 when I competed in long drive was 155 mph. If I just stick with this, I don't see why I couldn't get back up to the 155 again, or even higher. It's just a matter of time spent consistently putting in the work.”

– Day 1 – 117mph
– Day 2 – 122 mph
– Day 5 – 129 mph
– Day 7 – 127 mph
– Day 11 – 132 mph
– Day 14 – 132 mph

Sports Sensors Golf Swing Speed Radar (Used In The Video):

Momentus Sports Speed Whoosh (Used In The Video):

Resistance Bands (Used In The Video):

Average Golf Swing Speed Chart:

Additional Golf Workout Plans From Jaacob Bowden And/Or Swing Man Golf:

Golf Fitness – Swing Speed Training Certification Program (For Pros and Trainers):

24 thoughts on “Golf Workouts at Home: Intro And Workout 1/5

  1. 48 years old, been golfing for about a year now (but I’m putting in work 5-6 days a week), 5 handicap. I’m about 108mph with driver on average, usually getting around 275 total on drives (sometimes near 300 if I get lucky). Hoping to bring my stock swing speed up to at least 120mph by the spring on day 2 of the workout. Hoping that being longer off the tee can lower my scores a few strokes…

  2. So I just finished the first week of workouts. Still getting my feet wet, and I only have a driver to swing – but I can definitely say this is working. I went to the range this AM and hit 100MPH on two diff drives and had one 99. Previously I hit 98 once in the last couple months. I think once you get the technique with the bands and the resistance levels dialed in- if you do this for 4-6 weeks you will definitely gain a decent amount of speed. I am using Rapsodo MLM for those numbers btw, I don’t have a dedicated swing monitor – but that would probably help. Thx Jacob for this workout regimen, definitely helping strengthen my core and arms for golf!!

  3. I started my first workout tonight. I know my club head speed is in the low 100s but have never tested it. My ball speed is between 145-150. I will check back in with my results in a month.

  4. Hey Jacob is which bands are the best for this or which ones should I stay away from? I also use super speed swing training but would like to include your workouts. Thanks

  5. I took a break from the workouts after a rope I used snapped… and I needed to recover. But I now have a stock swing speed of 110 after only two weeks of your program and two weeks off. I'll start another two week block soon and see if I can get up to stock of 115-120.

  6. Hi Jaacob

    After a lay off, I’ve gone from 97 to 103mph with driver, just by doing isometrics using a wall and using therabands and bungee cords.

    But the mad thing is 255 carry to 269 carry. Pitching Wedge smash factor is 1.4, 7 iron (35 degrees loft) is 1.43 I’m getting 175 carry.

    I’m sceptical about some of the smash factor number but I’m seeing it on the course too.

  7. Jaacob. It would be really helpful if you had a secondary edit of all the workout sections so I don't need to find all those sections in each video. Although I'm pretty close to remembering everything and I have all the days written down for easy reference. I had to go back every day for the last week or more to refresh the moves. I'm not sure if its worth your time but it's just something to consider maybe as I'm sure you may have the series set up in a deliberate fashion, maybe to even drive coaching traffic. On a side note I'm swing at 109 mph already. 🙂

  8. Hey Jaacob! I've started your program recently and kind of got my baseline numbers. Right now I can get about 118 mph swing speed. I was fit for my driver last year and got the Sim2. Now I did notice that my shaft that I got fit for was a 70g shaft, which seems to be on the heavier side of shaft weights. Would moving to a lighter shaft (say 50g-60g) cause a noticeable increase in swing speed and distance?

  9. I’d love it if you had a video of you doing just the exercises (and name of exercise while you’re doing it) so I can quickly refer to it when working out.

  10. I found this video series last week, ordered the bands, and had my first workout today! I am 39 years old, and am currently at about a 95 mph swing speed with my driver. I look forward to seeing if I can gain some speed! I will update as the weeks go by. Thanks so much for this video!

  11. Wow, i did 4/5 twice this week and went from crusing at 104-108 in one week! Can’t wait to do it the rest of winter!! In trackman today max 113! Is there any downside to doing 4/5 more then twice a week if i can handle it? Thanks!

  12. Hi, I am a 15 year old and I’m currently swinging around 105, I’m pretty athletic but somewhat skinny and not super muscular. Do you think I can get to 115 before summer? I would love to be crusing around that speed. Thanks!

  13. I am playing golf 3 or 4 days a week. What would be a good way to integrate these workouts into my routine? 75 years old and walking the course. Get kinda tired.

  14. Jacob, thanks for sharing this information. I am 74 years old in good shape. I do HIIT 3 or 4 times a week and strength training 2 or 3 times a week, in addition to playing golf. My swing speed with the driver has slowed to 88 MPH over the years and my "normal training" hasn’t enabled me to maintain my swing speed. Could I expect to get my swing speed up to 100MPH if I follow your program for a month? Do you recommend any variations from what you have in your videos based on what I have described?
    One more thing, my handicap is still a single digit but not near the scratch to 2 I was in my 50's.

  15. Any suggestions on which Bodylastics Band sets would be the most advantages to have for the swing workouts? Amazon offers numerous kits. Any and all comments would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.

  16. Hi Jaacob, I really like the idea of this workout. Have you thought about creating a video of you doing the workout without the discussion between the exercises? I would like to follow you throughout the workout non-stop where I could pause as needed to change the bands. I like the explanations you give in your current videos, but find it hard to fast forward throughout to do the routine.

  17. Jaacob – do you consciously keep the left arm "glued" to the left pic thru impact? When you "swing" the arms in the downswing, are you doing it all by turning the belly button to target, or are you actively swinging the arms and doing right hand throw motion? When I just turn belly button to target with no active arm motion, my driver swing speed drops to 95 mph. I'm wondering how you get swing speed with passive arms?

  18. I am new and I'm 66 – I just started switching over to the Mike Austin swing method – I still have many of my old golf swing Tendencies – especially using the hips which Mike demands vs. modern teaching. For 66 I’m still very flexible but am very disappointed in my driver distance being about 230 where I can hit my PW up to 130 yards to 135 yards.

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