Golfer FIRES His Caddie on the Spot for Causing a $16,000 Penalty, THROWS Putter Cover at His Face!

At the 72nd hole in the tour, pro golfer Rhein Gibson needed a birdie to tie the lead, but ended up hooking his second shot into a hazard. Gibson and his caddie took a while to find the ball but once they did, caddie Brandon Davis deemed it “dead” (or unplayable) as did Gibson. So he picked up the ball. A rules official declared this a penalty and Gibson was slapped with a 1-stroke penalty, finishing in third place instead of second, costing him a whopping $16,000! He got heated and immediately threw his putter head cover at his caddie, and fired him on the spot.

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22 thoughts on “Golfer FIRES His Caddie on the Spot for Causing a $16,000 Penalty, THROWS Putter Cover at His Face!

  1. Don't see how he blamed the caddy sure he should know the rules in that situation himself acted like a spoilt brat if he threw the putter cover at me I'd have walked off saying carry your own fckn club's you DICK…….. BTW she's frigging HOT

  2. That douchebag hooked it into the hazard, not the caddy. If he would've thrown that putter cover at me like that, I would've thrown the bag of clubs at him and walked off the course.

  3. You literally said "Do you think it was right for him to go off like that"

    throws a little PUTTER COVER at his face

    ya that was so crazy lol, cost him 16k

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