Golfer Learns to Swing Like a Pro in 2 Hour Golf Lesson – RotarySwing RoadShow Lesson 7

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stillwaters007 says:

Excellent video! I had been a rotary student for years an it helped my game immensely! Thanks Chuck! Keep the videos coming, you are an amazing teacher.
Quick question.. I noticed that at set up you don’t have the student’s feet turned out at all. Most of the instruction I see have the toes turned out . Do you believe in the feet being turned out?



Soenke Trzaska says:

So much great informations to work with… ?
My favourite one: ‚there‘s nothing to see out there!‘ ?
Friendly and patiently teaching!
I would travel from germany by myself!

Paul Ohrenberger says:

Really enjoying the 'road trip' videos. Amazing improvement in a 2 hour lesson… and NOT a single ball was hit! Your methods are Excellent!
Now,.. How can I convince you to drive the RV up to New England?… Hmm…. : )

Dennis T says:

What state r u n and where r u traveling too?

Michael Garrett says:

This one video has helped me more than most of the in-person lessons I've been through. This video is good for all stages of golfer: Beginner, Intermediate, Advance!

White Collar Advice says:

Excellent video. I am a proud member of rotary golf swing. I encourage those reading this to consider joining. You will learn more than taking lessons with your local pro. The drills are excellent, too.

Gerald Tan says:

You exhibit all the hall marks of a gifted teacher: patience, clarity, empathy and encouragement. Thank you for your generosity in sharing this very useful lesson with us. Thousands of people who watch it will be very grateful to you. Being able to impart knowledge the way you do is its own reward.

Mitch Fitzpatrick says:

Your latest videos are incredible.  Your explanations are very precise.

sabr686 says:

I've been with you for a few years now, and I still learned (or was reminded of) so much through this lesson. Like your 5-step system, this video was worth the time it took to watch it. I hope this gentleman keeps up with the drills and uses a mirror. I would love to see his swing a year from now. As I've said before, if you want a better game FOR LIFE, it is totally worth putting in 6, 12 or 18 months to correct your fundamentals. Beating my sons-in-law never gets old. Thanks Chuck!

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