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Rick Shiels PGA Golf Pro tests the Bombtech Grenade Driver on GC2 & HMT! Thanks to Alan for sending this to me to test as the company wouldn't. Go check out Alan


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Ryder Miears says:

I have this driver. I get good distance with ease. I don't necessarily have to smash it to get what I want out of it. Maybe this is just because I haven't been playing long, but I feel the this driver does have a little bit of drag. Again, it could be my awful form and failure to make a consistent shot though. I have only been doing this a few months though. I have tried other drivers that are 4 and 500 dollars and I would say that the grenade competes with these higher end clubs.

Patrick Forsythe says:

How about reviewing the bombtech irons

Cayman King says:

This driver sucks. I returned mine. It just feels like a cheap junk driver. I think I actually lost yardage with it. I did like the matt black top and sound. Other than that, it sucked.

Kevin Lu l Storm Chasing says:

I think the problem with bombtech is that, it is less forgiving and doesn't go as straight in off centered hits

Kevin Lu l Storm Chasing says:

Bombtech is afraid to send it to Rick, because they over exaggerated in their advertisements

pkkelly01 says:

completely slices shot yea that was a shaft issue. nah bro you just sliced it. give your nuts a tug

pkkelly01 says:

you actually might be the biggest dumbass on youtube. who let you be a pga pro?

Dheeraj Sethi says:

I've seen a few of your videos comparing drivers, and this the most distance you've got

Alex Muccilli says:

test the DV8 clubs!

Jesper R says:

i think i need a new fancy shaft to fix my game

netdemon01 says:

8:24 So you just decided to time the shaft brilliantly the first three times but it was the shaft's fault on the last two? Rob Potter needs to review this thing too to give us 100mph swing speed guys an idea of "timing the shaft"

SteelWarrior115 says:

backwards r is a goofy Russian bias thing in video games

Claudio Mejias says:

I enjoy your reviews. How about testing the Holder putter, seems to be a revolutionary system for putting.

Kyle Malcolmson says:

can i have ur blue golf clubs plz

Seany Worny says:

Gorilla James used it to hook it 300 yards in the air

Rich Tran says:

Save your money. Taylormade is #1 for a reason.

Patrick Smith says:

Can you review the bombtech wedges? They come in a set for $99 U.S. not sure what the UK equivalent is in price.

Elsa Cobb says:

~ BombTech Grenade Driver, The BombTech Grenade Driver was co-engineered with the University of Vermont's Engineering department get it here! .*

Fred Burger says:

Can you review the hammer head driver they always have on golf channel commercials ?

Edmund Gil says:

You are a good man, bro! Always professional. Never a personal agenda, great information, and fun to watch.

John Hofmann says:

Hey Rick, would you have given a better review if Bombtech kissed your arse like some of the big golf corporations? Be careful Rick, people don't like it when you talk smack about a small company struggling against the Goliath's of the industry.

Btw, didn't you hit the Bombtech 15-20 yards longer on average than the Taylormade M1 (published September 9, 2015)? Oops, that's right though, you shanked the last Bombtech drive on purpose to skew the results.

Spencer Phillips says:

Really doesn't look like Rick is giving this a smack at all, compared to his other videos looks like he's being very gentle!!

simon George says:

carnt understand why you said they didnt want to send you one if when they said no why didnt you just buy one seems you get everything else for free good review nice to see the good numbers feels like you need a low handicap to hit it right

Eric ottevaere says:

Looks to me like a club you'd get in a cheap box set at your local sporting goods store.

dizzychizzy says:

Hi Rick, What do you mean when you talk about timing the swing… Are you referring to allowing the head to catch up with the shaft on impact?? I have big problems regarding my driver and I think I'm missing a basic part of the driver strike.

zeus01504 says:

Wow – KaBoom!

Patrick Sherwood says:

The rounding of the face is meant to counteract gear-effect. A flat-faced driver will have massive amounts of gear-effect.

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