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PGA GOLF Professional Rick Shiels tests the new 2019 TAYLORMADE M5 DRIVER and the new 2019 TAYLORMADE M6 Driver using GCQuad launch monitor and taking both the TAYLORMADE M5 DRIVER and the TAYLORMADE M6 Driver out onto the golf course. Rick Shiels also compared the TAYLORMADE M5 DRIVER and the TAYLORMADE M6 Driver against last years TAYLORMADE M3 DRIVER and the TAYLORMADE M4 Driver


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Rick Shiels Golf says:

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Q – What do you think of the new TaylorMade drivers? Also what do you look for most when choosing a new driver?

Jim Guenther says:

I don't understand how they can be too fast? Every swing speed is different. What speed rule is he talking about?

Malcolm King says:

A lot of negative , product bullying going on here , chill out don't forget people at the end of the day this item is designed to win a major / tournaments , in the hands of uniquely talented skilled professional golfers. I've never heard any of these manufacturer's make claims that their products will turn Monday
hackers into club champions or you'll start driving par 4's . If you have slow club head speed and can't find dead middle sweet the majority of the time you can't expect any performance gains . Like all sports – what wins on Sunday, sells on Monday . These high end golf clubs are bit like F1 racing cars – fast in the hands of Lewis Hamilton but put your grandmother or average Joe in that same car = out of bounds LOL.

kmclfc says:

Can’t wait to see the 20 handicapper at my club hit it ob on the 1st in a couple off weeks £500 is insane

Jeffrey Johnson says:

Are you going to do a review of the m5 and m6 irons?

lonkylaine says:

I can't believe how the finish is bad on those drivers. Kind of fluffy lines.

Anthony C Simmons says:

Once again I don’t need to worry about getting rid of my new Titleist driver.A new driver every 6 months to a year is crazy.

Alinda Retief says:

Taylormade is the cream of golf club marketing- they give fancy names and the general golf public think they will become better golfers when they buy these drivers..

vincent minshull says:

as always rick……a good honest review

martin blackmore says:

marketing bullshit
taylor made are constantly bring out new kit, always poor quality, lots of gimmicks and higher prices than before – they are full of shit

pgadrmer1 says:

Hey Rick …. great video as usual! I was a Golf Pro ( Club Pro) back in the late 90's and early 2000's. Unfortunately for me I also had a heart disease that stopped my career in 2003. I spent 21 years fighting the disease and in 2016 I
I was lucky enough to receive a heart transplant. Having said that I would love to hear more about shafts for these new Drivers and not just Taylor Made equipment because I have been out of the game for too may years. Thank You and keep up the great work!!

Aaron Chan says:

The colorway of the M series drivers remind me of a BMW. Too bad they don't really live up to that big price tag. Spend the $500 on range balls or extra rounds of golf. The practice will benefit you more. Thanks for the honest data and review Rick

Ron Irwin says:

Love the reverse psychology and I heard you chuckle

Thomas Cairns says:

So I went back to see what the M2 did for you way back in 2016 and guess what you were hitting it farther so much for newer is better, I guess I’ll be sticking with my M2 another season after all and thanks for your videos I really do enjoy them ??️⛳️

Anthony Dao says:

I still play the 2017 M2, the lime one that Rick absolutely hated (aesthetically) haha, but I absolutely love it. To be honest I never really bought into twist face all that much.. On a separate note I think these two drivers look incredible from the top, love the matte crown and slimmer silver border, however the bottom of the head looks like it's covered with a few ugly vinyl stickers…

Andy Blackwood says:

new driver new price lol where will the price be in 5 years?

Adam Bennett says:

Love the reviews. Wish you would review fairway woods again. I’m planning to get a 13-14 degree 3 and 18-19 degree 5 this year. I like the Taylormade, Titleist, Callaway and Ping and would love some insight into those clubs

johnnyboy4me says:

As always your candor is refreshing..

Gee Cars says:

Great honest review probably won’t buy one just keep last years

Bsleee2000 says:

Love the comparison with M3, M4, M5 and M6 with your optimal stats. Especially relevant given the same club head speed delivery.

goodswen mark says:

m3 m4 2 yards behind can be human error no point

Joe Black Beast says:

I have the m3 and although the balls speed are the same I think the lower spin would be worth it for me to upgrade. I have always been a high spin player and I think this added benefit would help a player like me. Great review and hope 2019 treats you well and you get more tv time!

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