We all want that perfect looking backswing that makes us look like we just came straight from the tour!

Well how the hands move from set up to top of backswing are key to that expert looking backswing, this is known as ‘hand path' and in this video Chris Ryan shows you a few checkpoints that you can use during practice to ensure your backswing is not holding yo and your game back.



Galvin Green

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  1. Thank you for the lesson, I always try to understand this sequence, as i turning my shoulders first in the downswing and not my arms first.

  2. Chris what is your opinion on raising your arms at the peak of backswing? [Particularly for the driver] What are the costs/benefits? I think it's necessary to create better drop and whip. Not sure if this is complicating my swing but it seems to free it up. What you think?

  3. Great video. Just played 18 holes with the principles of this video in mind, i.e. Make sure there is no 'disconnect' between body and arms, and that I had good 'depth' as you call it. Result… 10 fairways hit with driver and extra distance because I'm hitting with a draw. Thanks for your very straightforward tuition.

  4. Once again, Chris, you've done it! For the past couple of rounds, I was not getting a full shoulder turn nor accelerating through the ball. This caused me to hit slices and fade shots. Went back to the Range before my round today, worked on the tips you gave and now I'm driving the ball back down the fairways more consistent. As a matter of fact, I use an app called 18 Birdies and my targets were to hit 8 out of 18 Fairways throughout my round. I found 9 out of 18, still lots of work to do but definitely back on track!! Cheers!!

  5. The old shake with your left hand ? the second most important thing after learning how to grip the club… I subscribed to your channel and looking forward to more quality videos like this!

  6. If you look at Els, Price, Faldo they had early wrist and forearm rotation. So there are more one way getting to the top of the backswing. Rahm is very short and lot or forearm rotation.

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