20 Year Old Iron vs Modern Day Game Improvement Iron are they ANY BETTER?

20 Year Old Iron vs Modern Day Game Improvement Iron, Part 2 where I take on the common feedback from the first video of not comparing the 20 year old iron to a like for like iron of modern day times. So its time to put it up against a comparative iron in the JPX921 Forged. Lets see how the Cobra does now!

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20 thoughts on “20 Year Old Iron vs Modern Day Game Improvement Iron are they ANY BETTER?

  1. Very cool comparison…I’m tempted to buy a set of Ping Eye2 that I used to pay eons ago and do a similar comparison….once I get my JPX 923 forged/pro combo set.

  2. Happy NY Jay. Hope your ears weren't burning last night. I was chatting to a neighbour at a get-together and mentioned you and your channel. The neighbour commented that 'I'm not a golfer', but I responded by saying that I enjoy the honesty and passion that you demonstrate in your videos. I gave an example of you reviewing older clubs to new etc etc… and here's the proof! Keep up the excellent work.

  3. There is no doubt that the clubs have vastley improved over the year as the balls and the shafts..Good to change irons about ever 5 to 6 years if one can afford it..Happy Holidays and Thanks for this review…

  4. Does your higher swing speed affect these numbers, basically making the miss hits less dramatic? These kinds of tests would be interesting with slower swing speed.

  5. Great video once again, I had the old mizuno Mx 100 which is approx 15 years old? And I've just upgraded to ping i230 and the difference between feel is very noticeable, I can feel where on the face and if the face twists etc with the i230's, with the mx100 every shot be it fat or flushed, slight toe or heel they all feel the same, you can't tell the difference at all, but they are big chunks of metal, game improvement irons designed to just get the ball in the air. I thought it was all in my head but this video confirms what I thought!

  6. Thanks for some very informative video's this year mate. Hope you have a very good Christmas and New Year. Looking forward to your productions in 2023

  7. BUT my guess is if you keep them mizunos and try them against an iron 15-20 years from now they will probably land on the same dime (unless they change the rules regarding how clubs are constructed)

  8. Great video. So, modern thinner face with slot behind is worth about 3-5 yards depending on swing speed, out of center & likely double that out of heel & toe – that's worth it for sure for handicap golfers. Interesting when you look back at older clubs how much offset you see – and thus toe-up to toe-up (which is open) delivery vs now modern toe-at-spine-angle. That 221 Forged is honestly a club that every golfer in the world could play – just bend it weaker to 33 if you desire.

  9. I'd used a set of Mizuno T-Zoid True iron for almost 20 years before changing to new T200. New T200 is good and hits further, but I still miss the butter soft feel from my old Mizuno.

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