Have Drivers ACTUALLY Got LONGER? 1997 Golf Driver vs 2021 Golf Driver

Have Drivers ACTUALLY Got LONGER? 1997 Golf Driver vs 2021 Golf Driver

In this golf lesson, Matt Fryer Golf tests to see if golf drivers have actually gotten any longer? Using a Callaway driver from 1997 against and his current Callaway driver from 202, Matt Fryer Golf answers the question.

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12 thoughts on “Have Drivers ACTUALLY Got LONGER? 1997 Golf Driver vs 2021 Golf Driver

  1. I actually learned on that style of driver and I quit golf years ago, never really lost my swing much. Got back into golf a couple years ago and I can’t seem to hit these new style drivers like the older ones, it’s driving me crazy.

  2. I was a regular golfer in the mid 90's to early 2k's. I bought the Big Bertha War Bird driver, 3, and 5, new when they came out. I loved them. I recently started golfing again, broke out my old clubs, and I still love my OG Bertha's! I've never been a power hitter, but I'm usually pretty straight. I don't feel the need to replace those yet.

  3. When i was a junior golfer until I was 17 I always stuck with my titleist PT driver 9.5 degree. That was until 2001. Years after it had been surpassed but always found my most consistent hits and preferred ball flight with it. All the boys I played with by that point had the latest monster headed drivers (by 2001 standards) I was right with them all in distance usually one of the longer balls. More fairways hit .

    In 2013 I lost all confidence in the driver in my bag at the time and for old times sake dusted the PT off. Really didn't notice too much difference and distance but had the nicer lower flight that I prefer and was working the draw so much easier.

    I think as Golfers we all love the latest and greatest in principle because marketing is successful… but really… if it works for us… don't change anything.

    I currently still player the Nike Vr tour driver from a decade ago with 8.5 loft. The deeper face and glued hossle seems to just make me feel more at ease. I of course find myself once again mocked by my mates for having the old less fashionable club…

  4. Last month I was having trouble keeping my drives in the fairway with my modern 460cc driver. I dug out my old Orlimar Trimetal hp Ti 9.5* 315cc driver and I was much more consistent with it. Main difference was that the flight was lower (as you found too), but the distance was about the same. The shaft is still one of my all-time favorites – Harrison Pro 2.5 Ultra Lite X6200 with a boron tip. This Orlimar driver was very popular in the U.S. about 20 years ago.

  5. Matt, thanks for the video. I do indeed get caught up with the hype. I have a few modern drivers but I'm currently playing with the oldest of them. About 10 year old Nike Convert.

  6. Great Video Matt you demonstrate that you do not have to have the latest and greatest to play effectively. Also it shows that it is the Indian more than the arrow….

  7. now go ahead and control for new ball technology…old drivers spun the ball more to keep the ball in the air, but today the balls are lower spin because they rely on launch angle and traj for distance.

  8. I never was a long hitter. 220 to 230 was a long drive for me. I want back to the classic Persimmon drivers about to years ago. I may not hit far but, I look damn good using a wood driver today.

  9. The Callaway " Hawk Eye" with Variable face thickness would be a better comparison , wouldn't it ? Doesn't the Epic have that technology ? Also, didn't you state the Epic had a 47" shaft compared to 45" on the Bertha? Wouldn't 2# increase club head speed? Not trying to belittle your comparison and I may be wrong. I have " rediscovered " the Callaway Big Bertha " Hawk Eye" myself. I started hitting the 3 wood as far as my Ping G400 driver and actually have better control. I have since obtained the 5 wood and have the same confidence over the Pings.I obtained a driver and it is being fitted with a new shaft. I can't wait to get it back. BUT, bottom line is I agree that the technology is mainly hype but it has increased the forgiveness in " max game improvement" model clubs.

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