NEVER HAVE A GRIP LIKE THIS IF YOU SLICE… #golf #golfswing #golfstance #golfcoach #golftips

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Jack Karg says:

Right thumb should be touching the right Index finger….
….The Release is the Key…..

Mark Freese says:

No matter what you do that's a slice sorry…

Jordy Beans says:

Hogan has entered the chat

Mr Yax1024 says:

I have my hands like in the neutral grip and I feel like I always try to come on the inside and I always hit the floor way before the ball. I hit everything pretty good but my driver, if I could put this 220 down the middle I’ll be forever grateful to whoever fixes drive, cuz I either duff or slice lol

Donovan Bryan says:

Into your arm pit. But if at your shoulder it's bad? Can you tell me difference between shoulder and arm pit?

Stefan Pete says:

You already have a closed club face

Pick N Ship says:

You should be pinching the grip with your pointer finger and your thumb… little pro tip!

keaton yalowicki says:

Hell no left hand ! Right hand for most right handed golfers should be neural grip . Left hand is to work the ball without changing the swing arc.

BigOlChiggle says:

I saw this about 5 minutes before I started my round so I tried it and hit my first eagle because I drove green on a par 4 and then a had my best round ever of a 73

Paul Quinn says:

It’s not just the grip

Josh says:

The whole grip thing douesnt really matter I have a super strong grip and still alive occasionally, the most important thing is where your center of mass is compared to the ball

mike char says:

I was a slicer. Left hand strong and right hard over the top. The crotch of my right hand points to my center chest. They work against each other and don’t allow a open face.

pascal sahli says:

Strong grip !!

SplitERin2 says:

Wrist rotation will square the face at impact
as long as your swing plane doesn't shift..
Grip pressure is the only need of your hands
I could hit a straight shot even if both of my palms are facing away from me.
Swing the same line you start on and watch the magic.. lol, if you can do so, swing one of those medicus drivers that break in the shaft by the club head when your plane changes. Once you can swing it without it breaking, you could cuff your balls and hit a straight drive.. you really don't even need the medicus if you understand the concept behind it.. your hands are there to keep the club from flying away from you when you swing, not control the line the ball flys on. That sort of targeting in amatures will effect grip pressure.. kinda funny to understand the simplicity behind enertia but find so many problems when applying it to something as simple as a golf swing..

DomCagney says:

It's amazing how many issues were solved by my grip. I had never taken a lesson in my life and a pro took one look at my swing and very matter of fact said "STOP. It's your grip." Strengthening my grip solved about 90% of my issues.Now, I'm sure more will come up lmao, that's the nature of the beast, but for now…

Lee Farmer says:

First time I’ve ever did a 👎🏻 on a YouTube video 🤦🏻‍♂️

cputty says:

Such bollocks i still slice when the right hand is underneath!

Wellborn81 says:

Thank you ☺️

Mark Miller says:

thumb crease always pointing to the middle of your chest keeps your hands square. hooks and slices are mechanics in your swing at that point.

Adam Sevener says:

I’ve been hitting nothing but handsy hooks lately and idk how to fix it. Its not the grip tho 🥲

Mr. C. says:

underhand grip on right hand worked for me… very open

Hank Strickland says:

Farting during the downswing fixes all swing issues

Roger Mounger says:

That's simple,and makes a lot of sense..

IlliniDog01 says:

The clubface looks very closed to me

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