2024's BEST BANG for BUCK Golf Clubs?

This set of golf club's could very well be 2024's best value for money.


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18 thoughts on “2024's BEST BANG for BUCK Golf Clubs?

  1. Your edge has got some good stuff going on. I LOVE that they have diamond face irons. But I just can't pull the trigger on them myself because I'm just not a fan of the looks of any of their irons. Their woods on the other hand look great. You reviewed one a while back that I was pretty much sold on buying until you couldn't work it left or right at all.

    Always fun watching you Gabe! I'm sorry about your putting in this one but glad to see you struggle just a tad like I do ???? makes me feel more normal.

  2. Tour Edge is a value company! I still have my C721 Driver, I’ve had their irons. Most manufactures are making their average golfer cast iron feel like forged, Good stuff Gabe! Thanks

  3. I think these clubs are perfect for your handicap Gabe! The only thing I would change is the flying saucer of a putter there's too much going on behind the face it's a distraction. I would go back to your blade style putter. I remember you putting much more consistently.

  4. Gabe.. still playing my Tour Edge C722 3 & 5 fairways, and my C722 driver gets some swings when my Paradym isn't keeping me happy. Thanks for the video's on Tour Edge gear..!

  5. I am happy that you keep giving tour edge some love. Even though I don’t play them anymore, they still hold a special place in my heart. My first tour edge set was HP5 and then hot launch 1. My daughters play lady edge and my wife Moda silk.

  6. I bought my first Tour Edge driver a couple of weeks ago. I like it better than my SIM 2. The feel and performance is top notch.

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