Henrik Stenson Gives Swedish Lesson to Amateur American | Golf Digest

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Henrik Stenson attempts to give a golf lesson to an amateur American, entirely in Swedish.
Starring PGA Pro Henrik Stenson

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Henrik Stenson Gives Swedish Lesson to Amateur American | Golf Digest

Starring: Henrik Stenson

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VinnieMeatchops x says:

The title sounds like a porno

Jim bo says:

teaching more like flirting hrm

Erik WRC says:

Jag lära mig på svensk språk men det är lite svårt att lyssna på Henrik hur han prata, jag förstod bara flera ord 🙁

Jason Olds says:

Her voice sounds like Scarlett Johansson.

I love Scarlett Johansson…..

Erin Davis says:

Seinfeld level dryness/sarcasm. Love it.

Sam Yoo says:

that night….

Charles Hamilton says:

this is stupid and a waist of time. dumb

Slicefixer Padawan says:

This is frigging hilarious!!! Stenson is a golf machine!

Russell Steans says:

3017 savage hahahaha

Caitlin Olivia says:

I love this!! Make more!

TheNYgolfer says:

the average handicap has not come down in 50 years . Maybe this is the secret to better teaching? I'm being serious

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