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You guys remember when we were all excited when Savannah was reaching 155 yards with her 7 iron? Those days are long gone! Speed, consistency, depth of release, it’s all coming together! In this video, we talk about a combination of 2 drills that will deepen the retention of your acquired motor skill. This has taken Savy from a very shallow angle of attack to one that averages between 3 and 5 degrees depending on the shot.

Shawn Clement, Canadian PGA Class A, with a specialty in Teaching and several nominations for Ontario Teacher of the year, is now on board with GOLF CHANNEL ACADEMY for his online and physical location at the oldest Golf Club in North America, The Royal Quebec Golf Club. Shawn has the Top 6 instructional Youtube Channel as per Golfthis.com and top 10 most searched teachers as per swingmangolf.com
Weekly contributor to Golf WRX and on the teaching staff at Golfing World, an IMG company.
Also a top 50 teacher for Golf.com’s Swing Index.

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Naples Florida:
John Carroll jmc8947@gmail.com-MASTER EDUCATOR
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Frank McChrystal fmcchrystal@ipre.com
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Richard Rice richardkrice@pga.com MASTER EDUCATOR
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David DePula-daviddepula@icloud.com
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Dallas area:
Cody Vanderford cvanderford@argyleisd.com
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David Ogrin-Texas Open Champion 1996 ogringolf@gmail.com-MASTER EDUCATOR
North Chicago-Milwaukee
Derrick Sands mailto:derrickjsands@gmail.com
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Nick Johnson ndj209@gmail.com
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Paul Davies and Donna Norman
Pdavies@richmondhillgolf.com dnorman@richmondhillgolf.com
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New location in Buffalo New-York!
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Richard Dixon says:

Hey Savvy, Mo, and Shawn. New golfer here. Thank You , thank you very much! I went from having never played golf at all, to playing 3 rounds and hitting 12-1500 golf balls at the range in just 3 weeks. I actually had to take a week or so off due to a pretty severe pectoral muscle strain, and pain in both my elbows. I was doing it all wrong! I have learned from your channel what it feels like to have a great golf strike. Smooth, effortless, natural. Now my task is to try and duplicate it over and over. That will come with time. I’m hoping my injuries will be fewer and far between now that I am not forcing a powerful awkward swing through the slot. Thanks guys!

Alexandre Malzoni says:

What is her club brand and shaft, please?

Michael Orr says:

My 7 iron carries 195 average, night night I just beat you.

Robert Welch says:

Love the videos, but am still working on "finding" that very elusive "release"! Just can't make it happen! My practice swings feel good but I'm tapped with a 130-135 7 iron carry distance. Occasionally I'll stick one that hits 145. But those are few and far between! I guess keep trying the drills and hope for the best?

Chris Brimhall says:

Seems like golfers are obsessed with power nowadays, if they concentrated more on short game techniques and putting their score will drop. Finding the fairway and hitting greens should be the emphasis not so much flat power

NFiltr8Red says:

She got a mean swing, ARM STRENGTH is crucial in golf. Anyone who says other wise? Yeah. Mo is a beast!

shellyad100 says:

Hi Shawn..I remember around 12 years ago saying the same thing to my wife whilst she was watching me on the range.I used to say watch this 7 iron I don't want this ball to go any further than 100 yards ..Then I'd very sort of gently swung and carried the ball around 155 yards…But for the last 3 years I've totally lost my 155 And now my 7 iron goes 116 yards of carry.Ive tried swinging without power and I get 75 yards.. I've tried swinging really hard and the very best swing speed I got once was 67 mph club head speed..im 63 years old but for my age I'm very strong because of all my gym workouts.I really don't know what to do..my driver best on course is usually 195 but occasionally I get 270..I've lost a lot of distance over the last 3 to 4 years..But around 9 months ago I hit my longest drive ever on the first hole at my club but I haven't a clue how I did that.335 yard par four and I was 36 yards from the green.Ive tried to do that again but can't..Best regards David

Aiden Mcgorry says:

Not quite understanding the credit card drill…would love to get distance though ..can only hit about 140 with 7 iron..😔

Mikhail Kimbel says:

I hit it fat if I keep the face shut the whole time like that

Mark M says:

If SAV is right handed, why does she play left handed?

D R says:

As much as like your content… A left handed girl must be less than 1% of the YouTube 'golf video viewers'. Men (majority of viewers on YouTube and vast majority of golf video viewers) don't watch women's golf (anywhere near as much compared to mens golf). Most golfers are right handed. People seeking instruction like people like them to copy.

MiyaViちゃんねる says:

I'm getting the impression that I need more hip rotation in my downswing.

Andres Gutierrez says:

Can you use this drill for driver? I’m new to the channel so I don’t know if your swing philosophy applies to every club. Every teacher of golf is different some change with clubs some stay the same! Love the channel though gonna start practicing!!

kevin cranie says:

love the contENT sawn in the uk golf not open can I use this with single plane swing

blep says:

Man if I had this progress my 7i would go from 220 to 245

MrBurns says:

More Xs and Ls and less Ks and Cs if that makes sense

David Kim says:

That’s a pretty strong grip

Adam Alday says:

How much backspin

Kenneth T says:

Ssssssoooooo ggggggggooooooooooooooodddddddd! What a great lesson! Thank you very much

burnsm2012 says:

I know this video is old I am new to the channel. Would u happen to have an organized info series from start to finish grip to swing. Even if it’s at a premium. I find myself swing like this but not do the best at it. It feel like my natural swing.

Mike Patterson says:

Not being negative just my thoughts. This style of swing looks easy, although it's nothing like 90% of the videos/instruction I received. The ball is in the rear of the stance, head behind the ball/ shaft forward at address. While it works, it's clearly using an entirely different method than most instruction. Savannah portion is the most apparent. Is there any videos of this type of shot on a live course? While the machine is saying there is loft and distance a few of the shots appear to come off the club extremely low. Not hating on the swing if works for them, I just tried it today because I liked the way it look with the head almost looking backwards ( looked comfy). I found that this caused me to hit well behind the ball. I assume this is due to my ball position being in the middle instead of the rear. … I enjoy your instruction I just don't know if it's good for me.

We are polar bears says:

What I expected : I could learn something from this video because she is hitting a 7 iron as far as I can.
What I leaned : The 7 iron she's using is 6 degrees stronger lofted than mine.

beninfluence says:

14.3° launch and 4756 rpm backspin!! That's about what I get with my 5 iron, hope your greens are soft!

Adam 228133 says:

Never trust the distance estimated by golf simulator. There's no substitute to going out the range and proving it.

Phil Hankins says:

Question: the hands are ahead of the ball at impact, but, in this technique, the head is a fairly good distance behind the ball. How in the world do you keep from thinning the ball?? This anomaly is especially visible when the young lady swings.

Dog lover JB says:

doesn't the business card make you ball or hit bound???

Dog lover JB says:

that is the "strongest" grip I think I've ever seen anyone have. I will have to try strenghtening my grip.

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