Best Golf Lag Drill

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How would you like to get a lot of lag in your golf swing? How do you increase club speed without sacrificing technique? If you’re looking to gain distance, this video on Best Golf Lag Drill is for you. We have the golf swing and your total game broken down to the 5 Real Fundamentals in the Top Speed Golf System. In this video I’ll cover the best golf lag drill, while improving key Real Fundamentals! Start having real control of your game. Be able to hit any shot in golf! We’ll teach you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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ryan bedwell says:

Didn’t work I still suck 🥲

Andrew Drummond says:

I’ve just figured out that this is probably the best drill and have been hitting balls into the net with it. Really shows the right side bend required, which brings that right elbow into the side, which seems to me the main difference between a poor swing and a good one.

Кий Макаров says:


MrNytOwl says:

I'm a year late seeing your video. You pointing out my elbow going out and not getting into the slot causing my over the top pull hooks has definitely improved my swing. Another subscriber you've helped. Thanks Clay!

Peter Crocitto says:

Listen to the lag doctor!

Chris Jones says:

OMG. I've been working hard to get my body open at impact for a week and hit hundreds of balls trying to get the upper body in the right position with little progress and a sore back. I watched this video last night, went to the driving range this morning, hit about 30 balls using the right arm drill. I was really shocked at how quickly I got the proper body turn ingrained. Then, I went to the course and took a one-arm practice swing before each shot. I executed the proper swing almost every time. My main issue was hitting the ball too far with my irons. I'm really pumped! THANK YOU!

Alain Xueabur says:

For me it s ok with only the right arm.
But as soon as i put booth hands i feel blocked with no more lag..Any reason for that. Thank you .

canefan17 says:

By staying with the shot it’s gonna feel like we’re hitting/releasing to right field, right? My Miss is on the toe and it seems like it’s because I open up to fast (and early release).

Chris Unruh says:

There is so much information out there that I am overwhelming myself. I watch a lot of your videos along with athletic motion in golf I think is the name of the other one. The athletic golf site talks about not tucking your right elbow in. What they were referring to is holding a towel under your right elbow through the entire swing. They also mentioned if you were to stop at the top of your backswing and Unrotate your hips and shoulders the club should be directly above your address position. Meaning the left arm does not go across the chest more than 23° some pros less than that. They talked about the arms moving up but the depth of the club comes from your rotation.

My problem is after watching all of these videos is my hips are open before impact but my hands are lagging too far behind. I watched a demonstration on where the pros hands are when the club is parallel to the ground on the way back down. Pros hands are just at the trail leg at club parallel when my club is parallel My hands are still 8 to 12 inches behind my trail leg. I think it is causing me to have to speed up the clubhead and flip or have a feeling of flipping because I’ve lagged too much if that makes sense. Do you have any suggestions?

I really enjoy your videos. Just so you know watching your videos has taken 7 to 10 strokes off of my game. usually I am a +10 handicap and now I am shooting very close to scratch.

D Carey says:

Thanks Clay, this video helped me so much to learn what it is supposed to feel like to hit correctly. It made sense after I started throwing the club how natural the hips turn ahead of the arm. Went to driving range today and applied it. What an epiphany! Thank you

David says:

Is this for me? I release my wrist hinge to soon. Going to give it ago at the range, 10 one arm swings.

Paul Stewart says:

I think a lot of new and mid to high handicap players think if they make the right arm tuck in, they'll sky it out right. When I had lessons, learning to tuck the right arm in was revolutionary to learning to draw the ball. A really good drill is to get a badminton raquet and shuttlecock and try and smash it as far as you can up the garden or field. No one at the range wants to be seen hitting range balls with one arm. A lot of golfing issues are either environmental or time based. Either 100 balls in 30 mins blasting the new driver before the next day on the course. Repeat, and watch videos on correcting things, and try it at the range again.

Pete Dohr says:

I’ve been working on improving my lag both to increase speed and improve contact as my sole and primary focus for weeks now, and this is far and away the most helpful video I’ve found. Keep it up!

1wfunston1 says:

Amazing drill. Not only has this improved my swing but it has stopped my back from hurting when trying to force club head speed after releasing too early. Thank you!

Santiago Murillo says:

Once again, thanks Professor. My best ever score: 82… & I've earned 3 Eagles in 28 yrs of playing Golf.

Jeff Voss says:

Hah, Clay literally drives better than I do with one arm tied behind his back! :-O

David Hellens says:

Fantastic video Clay ….struggling a little at the moment with work on your drills

kursed34 says:

i paused the video at the 3:20 mark and looked at your position….then i punched my monitor and walked away out of jealousy

MJ Young says:

Hi…..Yes im the GolfMyth buster.
Lag…….? So you want use stiff shaft and then do all this and struggle your behind off to achieve ……"LAG"
Why not just use flex shaft and get your lag for free…….Comon guys!
You will argue….yeah but this and yeah but that.
Im biblical! Go and proof yourself. Take a Driver with weak flex and hit the damn ball. I dare you.
See what happens…..Ohh so it fade….Then adjust your swing… compensate!
Lot of myths in golf that acctualy complicate it for players.
With spinal cord fusion and limited spinal(28% less) turn….I adapted my swing. I dont suport the left arm straight myth.
Connecting that to consistancy is just a theory!
Most golfers cant achieve the straight vertical left arm…club perfect horizonal on top. It complicates golf……setting unrealistic demands…resulting in negative feedback! It takes REPITION…..PRACTICE……10 OOOs of shots to achieve a skill. I am convinced with the years of effort Tiger…Rory…..Phil..Rahm have dedicated and acnieved…..(Modern, popular swing dynamics)…..that they would have done the same….had they started of with unconventional(arms only) type of swing. NOT KEEPING LEFT ARM STRAIGHT THROUGH OUT SWING.
Golf has become showbiz…..looks….photo finish…media trends….brands…..and the IMAGE……is dominant.
Lets see if my unconventional swing land the ClaretJug! Stick around till St.Andrews 2021.

Sharbel Lutfallah says:

Tucking right arm resulted in immediate speed increase, thank you Clay.

mikal says:

Lag is a result of swinging with all 5 levers in a common plane.
it is impossible to cast , when the 5 levers are pulled in this SLOT

Everything else is a distraction.

Benjamin Tanis says:

What flightscope app do you use?

Segoro Hermanto says:

Simple way to create what he do …

Aly's Golf Studio says:

Very helpful. One of the potential confusions out there that causes some of the difficulties you point out is advice and suggestion that you need width and combined with showing that pros head goes out and back on the way down and so that is something to copy. I know it has sometimes caused me these issues.

Brother Bread says:

My internet has enough lag for ALL golfers…😭

Clay Whitt says:

You’ve helped me grow so much man! Love the game of golf now

Bryea says:

Best instruction on Youtube

vimal Mittal says:

If u keep your right elbow tucked in all the time then you do not need to worry about casting and everything works as you said. So do not fly the right elbow in downswing or backswing is the key. Right side is the pivot for downswing not only right elbow alone.

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