High Handicap Review: GEM Training Aid (before & after)

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High Handicap / Mid Handicap Review:
Today we go over the GEM (Golfs Essential Movement) Training Aid, a few tips on how I use it and my thoughts of this interesting yet amazing product. Includes a bit of a before a after clip which was over a few months.

If you are interested in more information please check out their website via the link below.

– GEM Training Aid: https://gemgolf.com/#seanthehighhandicapgolfer

– Inside The Leather Golf Boxes: www.insidetheleather.com/seanthehighhandicapgolfer

– Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/seanthehighhandicapgolfer/

00:00 Introduction
00:46 How the GEM works
05:06 Time-Lapes
05:29 What worked for me
08:12 Before & After
09:16 Alternative training methods
14:04 Ending


Mike Wisler says:

Thanks for your video. I went through the same thing as you. At first, really frustrating and actually kind of screwed my brain/swing connection up so I didn't stick with it. Then went back to it and committed to the process. After a couple of weeks just seriously solid progress in my swing. Hitting the ball like I did in High School. Sort of reprogrammed my swing rapidly.

Frank Wildemann says:

I used this for the first time this week. Will take a little practice. But instant improvement, longer and hitting some small draws, sometimes hooks but will work that out in time. Excellent

Bill Bruggink says:

Nice review, looks like a great aid

Plugger49 says:

You forgot to mention how to attach it. I thought it was supposed to be tight on the grip. You seem to have it loosely attached. I have misplaced the instructions, but I’m guessing that you’re right. NOPE-Pretty sure it is NOT supposed to be flopping around loosely. OR-maybe it just seems that you have it loosely attached……

Hayden Graves says:

Very interesting but I am sceptical of any training aid

David Lean says:

Appreciate the video. I think I'm gonna have to check this out for myself

Tim McNab says:

Looks good, how much is it?
Also your swing looks like it's coming along nicely 👍

Yarra Valley Pest Control says:

Appreciate the video! I'll have a look into getting one. Also I kinda liked the portrait style, made it easy to watch on my phone.

Sean - The High Handicap Golfer says:

New affiliate link is


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