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Thanks to the Be Better Golfers who got the GEM. Get on for yourself at a discount here.

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SA says:

THANK YOU !!! Bought a gem about 2 weeks ago
Trained five days in a row !! At home hitting into net . Played a round and shot about 8 strokes less than normal
!!!! Huge

This video I just found today and explained the wobble I was getting at the just after impact zone !!!! Thank you for your effort and instruction .

I have never experienced the “ feel “ or “move” regularly untill using the Gem

I can’t wait to see how this will affect my strokes in day two months time !!

Amazing tool !!! But like all tools or training aides you must train correctly and daily . This video is a major tool for Gem begginers !!!

Thank you !!!!

jim lock says:

Just found this, I’ve had mine for about 9 months and was totally disappointed with it (wobbling) so hopefully this will help me.. 🤦‍♂️🤣 I was even trying to hit balls with the longer one on.. 🤦‍♂️🙄

Plugger49 says:

This video SKIPS repeatedly.

Carl Kolchak says:

Explained very well, your swing has come a long way. Nice work!

hakirk1 says:

I have been working indoors with my GEM and I finally feel as though I am using the long bar without a wobble. When would you suggest that a user would move to the shorter rod? Or is it better to keep using the longer rod ?

Billy C says:

Going on 2nd full week with this trainer and I agree that out of all I have owned this one is special. At first I was not sure what the wobble was teaching me and I misinterpreted that I was supposed to "body swing" and stay more connected as a way to stop it. It worked but I had no power and lost huge yardage with every club. Then (eureka moment) I came to realize what it really wants me to do is body turn AND rotate my wrist very hard from the top through the ball. I have never rotated that early in the downswing but it works wonders once you get it. Be better Golf has a very good video explaining this wrist move also so check it out.
Thanks GEM and BBG

jw228w says:

just a follow up.i get the club to not wobble by making a full body turn toward target,backfoot up on toes.
also for me promotes a flatter swinger like BBG says,"laid off".
for me this is the essential move to create a more complete swing.dont have launch monitor so not sure yet about outside ball flight.if anyone has this link to it would be great.

Greenballed says:

Looking down the shaft from the handle a much better way is to set the bar at 7 o’clock rather than 6 o’clock as recommended. This allows to balance with shaft lean. Been working with this for a few weeks and it is a much better adaptation. This eliminates the wobble.

Steve Stewart says:

He’s must be invested..but if it works

Joey Bikes says:

I also think this is an interesting swing aid but $150 is simply too much, so I went to Home Depot and bought a 7" channel lock (locking vice grip) and I get the same feel for 10 bucks.

Paul Stein says:

I think it's a wonderful aid and I'm very appreciative of you putting so much into the explanation of how to use it. GEM needs to be more explicit on usage which is very minimal. Even their video clips are lacking in detail. For the first time I am swinging on plane! Hallelujah!

grassyknollfilms says:

Had I seen this video prior to purchase, I wouldn't have ordered it. There is a definite wobble, and it seems counter productive to adapt the swing to fix what is an obvious design fault. There is another device called the Matzie ASSIST which is far more effective. I want a refund!

Nathan Butterworth says:

I can't get it not to wobble around impact. So frustrating. Even with little swings I can feel it.

Great video BTW

Cee Bee says:

so i wanna know you're results after GEM? are you hitting it longer, straighter and/or increasing your FIR & GIR to lower your scores?

Nick Amos says:

Do you feel the GEM coincides with your lesson with Dr Kwon about staying closed longer?

Derek Kilby says:

As always, your site is full of excellent information, thank you. I am considering purchasing the GEM, but, will it conflict with John Erikson's methods? I am following John on his and your site and religiously applying his tips. Hope to get a reply. Keep up the great work………….Thanks once again

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