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  1. That's really funny about the face on camera because I'm the same way. It comes from getting excited that you finally figured it out then watch the video and it's a similar version of the same shit ?

  2. Really enjoy your videos. You mentioned having a flip for a long time. That is my biggest struggle and has been for a long time. What was your biggest ah ha moment or what did you do to fix it? Thanks.

  3. Having made a version of the GEM at home and had a few indoor swings, it seems that the eratic wobble of the weight reduces when force is applied to the shaft in one of 2 ways/orientations. In transition the trail hand pushes the shaft away (rearwards) in the plane of the weight/shaft (ie. weight stick pointing away from target). This continues until the shaft is about hip height and the weight is vertical…then the left shoulder and arm pull the grip end of the shaft and the clubhead is thrown out and the weight is at 90 degrees to the plane.
    SO …a combination of in- plane (push) and perpendicular (pull) motions seem to do well.
    I like the feeling of swinging lead arm only (no ball) from hip height through impact region to shoulder height….very pivot driven pull of the left arm and no erratic weight motion. Hands get well ahead of the clubhead and lots of forward shaft lean..so it seems.

  4. The videos on the product site only show waist high swings so I’ll a bit confused. Is this to also practice full swings? If so, wouldn’t your hands at the top be pulled out of sink until you are back to waist high?

  5. I hope you’re getting some commissions for all the sells you’re going to be giving them after these videos. I’ve never seen you hit it like this. Pure!!!

  6. This is hysterical regarding what is taught over decades and generations. I have been playing golf for 58 years. Also used to have all but a dozen Golf and Golf Digests from 1973 forward. Back in the '70s the toe-up in the take away was a hard fact. Non-negotiable by teachers. Particularly pure Swingers. (left shoulder pull, with NO right hand "get the right hand out of your swing" taught back then) You can see it in the frame by frame swings. Particularly Miller. All the best had it in their swings and it was a gotta have. But Noooooo, then you wouldn't have to pay for an infinity of lessons on contact and release. I think what skewed it into unfavorability was the simultaneous arrival of Zack Johnson and the Square to Square Method. All of his career Johnson wasn't a slow/short swinger. He just had his body fully tweaked to square and release a clubface that was actually taken back closed. BTW, if you want to be short and accurate, buy a copy of the Square-to-Square Method. It was a real piece of crap thought up by a premiere teacher of the time and the editor of Golf Digest to make some bucks. It just fascinates me how every decade or so there is some position taught that makes striking a ball well,….. spectacularly difficult. And everybody believes it. The GEM is a perfect counterweight to the clubhead face to keep you on-line in your swing. Ask an Engineer, but the club is perfectly shaped to make a human release naturally.

  7. I bought the gem, and it’s the best trainer I’ve ever tried. It fix my sons swing in one session. It improved my swing and I’ve never hit the ball this straight. Highly recommended.

  8. Hey Brandon: I’ve noticed one thing you do differently than I do when I use the GEM. On the backswing, I tend to feel like the GEM pulls me quite a bit to the inside on the backswing, while your swing looks (at least on camera) like you swing more along your toe line. We both do toe up, and I’m just guessing we both get to the same impact position, but wasn’t sure if I should be swinging more “down the line” on backswing

  9. About the bump/w-shape close to impact. If it is not a misread cause the ompact impulse, it would then implemnt a momentary flipping motion before impact.

  10. I noticed you used the short rod for the driver? Why? Also, you mentioned you cupped your wrist more, I am assuming your talking about the cupping the right wrist downward, am I correct?

  11. Brendon, I have the GEM and haven't had quite the success you've had. It feels weightless in the backswing, but I do feel a wobble coming through impact. Do you, or did you ask Fraser, the inventor, what that means and how I can fix that? Thanks! I love your channel.

  12. A lot of the bonus for you seems to be the hand path and release feeling…."like stabbing your left thigh" I think you described it as. Interesting…you seem to have found something that the inventor didn't…at least they didn't mention it in their training.

  13. Gary Player is teaching at a clinic somewhere on YouTube where he says he wants the left wrist under the shaft at the top…that means cupping left wrist. Hogan obviously cupped as well… impact sounded great!

  14. I’ve been watching for years now, and this is by far the best his swing has ever looked, tied with when he’s with Dr. Kwon. I have a gem on the way and I do a lot of Dr. Kwons drills. Between these two methodologies…. There’s a big win.

  15. Only way I can move my wrists in those positions is if i cup my wrist at the top and then lead down with my wrists. Is that what youre doing or is that the wrong feel?

  16. Built the MIGMATIS today for $10 and in 10 minutes. There’s definitely something to this if you’re someone who has trouble with a natural release. Went to the range and was really hitting solid after following the protocol.

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