Hit More Greens With This Simple Drill! ⛳️

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Want to hit more greens in regulation? Who doesn't? In today's training, you'll discover one simple drill that will allow you to hit more greens in regulation guaranteed! There are many golf drills to help you hit straighter and more consistently, but this golf swing simple drill takes the cake.

Practice this drill and you WILL hit more greens, we guarantee it!


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Athletic Motion Golf says:

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Jerry Billings says:

Just stumbled on your site. Excellent training thoughts

Stephen Ireland says:

How far to the side of you was the noodle?

juan izquierdo says:

Great video! I am probably mistaken but most of your videos focus on a draw kind of shot… it would be very interesting to see how you suggest is the best way to hit a fade … thanks!

Mark Hospers says:

Thanks guys – very helpful. I’m so focused (scared 🙂) about keeping posture……I think I waist level……and spin around…….anxious to incorporate the pelvis more up in backswing and follow through. Also when I’ve tried to lift shoulder /hip at impact I feel like I’m pulling out of posture and miss hit to right ( maybe not keeping right shoulder “down through impact”?). I want to add the “right cheek” tucking under and pushing also. I am 6’ 5”…….any tips/ differences for taller players?? Thanks

Rudy Z says:

Can yall do a video for people who can’t do a full shoulder turn .., great info as always

K J says:

Have you all done a video specific to hand position through the swing and impact for both the irons and driver? Differences between pros and ams?

Rick Moore says:

Have you two done any analysis on measuring swing thoughts between pros and ams? In particular when the total focus is placed on your target.


Hey guys, thank you for the great instructional videos. How do you approach putting? Can you demonstrate your approach/set up and explain why or the reasoning behind it. Approach to the actual contact with ball.
Larry Moss

Larry Fisher says:

Shaun / Mike – great drill with the alignment sticks – thanks for the Divot Board – s there a discount code that we can use to buy this?

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