Unusual Golf Swing For Speed And Consistency As You Get Older | Effortless Golf Swing For Seniors

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Effortless golf swing for seniors – More Consistency With Less Effort . his is a lesson sharing a golf swing for seniors that is giving effortless power golf swing and consistency for older golfers. These golf swing tips and modifications are very simple but the results they produce may be exactly what you have been looking for to hit the ball longer as you get older.

The new simple flow golf swing program is coming soon, but in the mean time, the key swing techniques ideal for a golf swing for a senior, beginner golfer and the golf swing basics are ideal to kickstart your ball striking.

Short Backswing Move | AMAZINGLY Easy Golf Swing for Seniors (+most players) IF You Do This🏌🏆 https://youtu.be/mPWwDBw2a9g

0:00 Effortless golf swing for seniors
2:00 Problem with regular technique and trying to make big rotation
4:00 Senior swing set up
6:00 The grip for older golfers
7:00 how rotate in golf swing with flow
8:00 how to start the golf swing for effortless swing speed
9:00 backswing plane steeper
10:00 shallow downswing and extend arms impact

Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your golf swing Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing

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The Art of Simple Golf says:

Let me know if you enjoyed this video and it resonated with you. Also don’t forget your FREE series here https://theartofsimplegolf.com/free

Pascal Cadet says:

Excellent video!! I started in 1990 and I am 59 by now . One year ago I shortened my backswing due to an injury and do the way you demonstrate.( may be a little flatter than you show). I just keep my shoulders slightly closed just before impact to let me time to accelerate without any rush. I can tell you I’m more consistent and even longer than ever! Your advices let me think that too many pros teach a full swing to weekenders which can lead to many mistakes during the transition. It’s good to watch a realistic and smart point of view like yours!👏

mike parishy says:

Very nice video and made simple very good thank you

golfnut says:

I'm a senior golfer who swings with a open stance much easier to swing through. I also have a light grip I like to feel the club head. Looking forward to future videos.

K says:

I can’t fully straighten my arm in the backswing (old injury) and it gives me a shorter backswing. I’m 66 years old too.

vic katsuyama says:

I thought the backswing was not supposed to be steep but flatter like Hogan and Venturi.

James Hoover says:

Your advice on the right hand thumb and forefinger is exactly opposite of what works for me. I have far better control of the club and can square the clubface much better by gripping firmly with the right thumb and forefinger. In fact when I am having trouble with inconsistent contact the first thing I look for is not having enough grip pressure with the right thumb and forefinger.
Different strokes for different folks I guess.

Ed Moreno says:

I believe some may be able to generate plenty of speed and power with this method. You can definitely be on cruise control and yardage will be fine. I found when I feel fresh and athletic I can really get through the ball. Divots are very thin. Medium high ball flight. 250 yards with my driver. 140 to 150 with 8 iron. 50 degree wedge is about 105 to 110.. You are nailing it! Thank you.

Joseph Saber says:

Really enjoy your presentations! You have a talent for explaining things succinctly. Thanks

Stephen Carpenter says:

I'm dealing with a weakened left leg, I either have to turn my foot out and or lock my left knee. This cause a lot of topping and miss hits. Any way I can stay down on the strike. Other than that I'm a relatively limber 67 yr. Old frustrated golfer.

bluzz991 says:

This is a good swing for us older guys, that I have tried, and it does help me. When I have problems, is when my mind suddenly thinks I am Jack Nicklaus, and I suddenly do too much, and swing too hard, and that makes me not hit the ball solid. So, I found it important to remind myself always, to swing medium strength with my irons for optimal contact. It does work, but I have to fight off being greedy and thinking I am 20 years old again!

Gary Finkbiner says:

Alex, first of all, thank you for the "senior " videos and the constant instruction threads that tie these videos together. Last season I had to face the reality that I couldn't work the ball like I could when I was a pup. Just didn't have the agility anymore. Practiced this video, and the open stance was awkward at first, but I kept at it. I am now hitting slight fades off the tee with actually more distance than I had with my draw! What really surprised me is I can still hit high cuts and draws from this instruction! Please keep up the videos for us old dogs! You have helped me get the thrill back in playing.

rjf says:

Hi Alex, I really enjoy your videos, but I'm a little confused. In this video it seems your advocating an open stance with the left foot at an outward angle in order to make for an easier follow through, I get it. But in a previous video you advocated dropping the right foot back behind the left foot (creating a closed stance ) in order to ease the takeaway. I'm trying to do both, increase the flow of the takeaway and definately get my follow through onto my left side. Can you help me out !! Thanks much.

Ian Lamont says:

Alex- at 70 now, with both hips and a knee replaced, you nailed the challenges I face. I can still get a turn back but getting a thru swing is a challenge. All I want is to consistently hit the ball more flush. I can accept the distance I get, if the ball is hit solid. Much thanks for your many helpful tips and approach. Cheers mate!

ken edick says:

A couple of questions, do you recommend lifting the left heel off the ground with the open stance. Also watch all your videos but have not seen one of them for head position. Shawn Clement has several on this, what are your thoughts.

Travis Jaggers says:

This is a great video. So it’s more letting the momentum of the arms fall and swing through, not intentionally uncocking the wrists from the top, correct?

Gj Courville says:

Been swinging that way all my life as a less flexible barrel chested person.

Jake Lee says:

A 300 yard drive counts for the same amount of strokes as a 3 foot put. This lesson is applicable for not just seniors but for amateurs of all ages…I play with guys who can bomb it from the tee. Too bad they usually hit their second shots from the highway, instead of the fairway….us amateurs need to think about consistent solid contact, before we start worrying about distance…..

manzoor shah says:

Great lesson for seniors.A best endeavour ,rather creative one
Max golf pro from India

James Adcock says:

U even look like justin rose now

Paul Barrett says:

Great lesson. Like the wall example. I tend to dive at the ball with my upper body. Can't wait to try this. Thanks

Mike Schick says:

keep working on these senior concepts

Mike Schick says:

I watch a lot of seniors who do not have a transition. we need to deal with these.

Edward Dunk says:

I’m 73 and hit my irons just fine. My problem is my driver and 5 wood. I can’t seem to get the ball up in the air.

Paul Barrett says:

Thanks your right. I listen to ,too many jokers

1p4g says:

Best teacher on youtube

Paul Barrett says:

Great for seniors. Thanks

Bryan Watson says:

I’m an avid senior single digit handicap and always searching for a more effective swing. I really like these ideas and can’t wait to try them out! Thank you!

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