How bad do you want it? ( Golf Motivation)

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Zane Geyer says:

This is amazing…

Pro Golfer says:

shoulder press-bad for golf, push up-bad for golf, pull up-terrible for

Mac Keats says:

Swing needs work bad….

Brian Oconnor says:

His swing isn’t everything you don’t need a great swing to be a good
player.. If you can score well keep doing what your doing and practice
practice and practice..

Pro Golfer says:

motivated to go play like shit

Go LoW GoLf says:

Your swing could use some work. Keep putting forward the good effort and
you will get there some day.

Bluecrew27 says:

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golfer. If you could please take a second and just give it a look, I’d
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baileywensel1996 says:

I shot a 39 today for nine holes at my home course. I have cerebral palsy.
I work at my game every day. some days aren’t as good as others. You’ll
have that. Yesterday I shot a 45 on the same nine. It was a bad day. You
will have off days. Everyone does. Even the best. Tiger Woods got last
place in a tournament this year. Golf is my life. I think if I don’t go pro
in that I don’t know what I would do. And oh yeah doesn’t matter how long
you hit it. Manage the course.

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