How Far Have TaylorMade Drivers REALLY COME In 10 Years?

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Mark Irwin says:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the R1 is all stock and the Stealth 2 is fitted, correct? If correct, get the R1 fitted with the proper shaft and spin might come down and ball speed might go up.

Jerry Smiley says:

My golf buddy has the R1 and he wouldn't change for anything.

Shel Thomas says:

For men…What about Kalea for women? Someone said the Kalea was a Sim 2 with a different shaft, is that true? I love my Kalea irons but haven’t hit the driver.

Pendragon says:

I think your not the best person to showcase the difference as you hit the middle the majority if the time where the results are way closer… The average person that misses middle most of the time would see much greater performance differences… E.g. the forgiveness of the newer clubs is waaaay better…

Norm Lang says:

Spin, Spin, Spin, Spin, Spin! It is the #1 factor in driving distance. Sure, launch angle and ball speed are important…but spin is consistently the differentiating factor in distance performance.

Andrew Podolak says:

10 yards is about 1 iron. Over 10 years of “advancement” not impressed by that. And wouldn’t make me switch clubs. The forgiveness would. But definitely not that minimal type of distance gain.

Roy Close says:

I have the first stealth driver and I love it 😊well done James 👏

Paul Garthright says:

Tell me when the driver will outlast the warranty


I never want to hit that driver again!

Johnny Ford says:

I've had Taylormade drivers since the bubble shaft, R7s, M2, SLDR and none of them have driven the ball farther than my Titleist 917D

Captain America says:

Is the face of your Stealth peeling or falling out yet? Peter Finch now has 2 Stealth drivers with defective club faces. Here's the video. FFWD to 15:23

dark wings says:

I have watched a ton these comparison videos and nobody uses same shaft in both. Is it because they would go the same distance? And the powers that be frown upon it?

WD says:

Recently picked up an old taylormade R7 XD driver from ~2010 and honestly it is the best driver I've ever hit. Would be interesting to see how it stacks up to newer drivers

Books By Phil Mitchell says:

Please try out the Stealth against the Jetspeed Driver.

lync3012 says:

M2 both versions were the best Taylormade drivers

Marvin French says:

The r1 has a shorter shaft than the new drivers today, it's not going to be as long, but it will be more accurate

pete Kenny says:

The M2 is TM best driver they made

golfaddict says:

had the SIM2 MAX / PXG Gen 5 XF / PING G425 Max..sold them all…now have the STEALTH 2 HD…..and I LOVE it…i've had about 7 different drivers last 5 years and for me this is the best all around driver for me…straight high penetrating ball flight,….love the feeling and the sound….cheers from Vulcan Canada

Gator Golf USA 🇺🇸 says:

No way I'm buying the 2013 Taylormade driver!🐊🏌🦅🇺🇸⛳️

Norman Crook says:

Have a chat to Peter Finch, the carbon face keeps falling out of the Stealth

Chris Dolan says:

Sure the r 1 was harder to hit. But the head ten years later is still in one peace. How many stealths heads have you cracked or broke. Lets see how many you shatter in ten years. Peter has already broke two of them. If I spend that much on a new driver it better hold up for more then the warranty

colin tennant says:

I’d say you smash the ball pretty well pretty consistently and pretty much out of the middle. Most of us don’t. Most of us cannot use the R1

Craig Meikle says:

I’ve got one of the OG M2 drivers and think it goes well, but I’ve never stuck it on track man against my current driver

realjonmandude says:

I have had each TM driver for the last 6 years…IMHO the M5 was the best. Much better than the SIMs and the Stealths.

bh says:

Didn’t Callaway have a Carbon driver n 2001?

Peter Symmons says:

Wouldn't a better example of a comparison be the Stealth 2 v SIM 2. Obviously people still do play with an R1 so they would be interested BUT really? I'm in the market to replace my Ping G15 Driver. I'm not going to replace it with a 10 yr old driver. I'm more interested in the newest models, whether Ping or Callaway or Titleist or Taylor Made etc etc v's their previous two models that I could pick up for at least £200 less.

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