Ranking The Best Golf Drivers of 2023

Golfers love the driver. I’m ranking the best golf drivers of 2023 from 10-1. Taylormade, Titleist TSR, Ping G430, Cobra Aerojet and Callaway Paradym just to name a few. All that, and more………

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Hi I’m Brandon Cubitt or @NEWNINEGOLF on Instagram, welcome to my channel New Nine Golf. I'm a scratch golfer and I'm obsessed with all things golf! I'll give you unbiased reviews from a consumer perspective and ill bring on golf pro's for lesson series to help make you a better golfer. My golf course vlogs will give you an inside look at the courses I'm playing and you can see where my game is at. New Nine Golf is a culture of not giving up, learning from mistakes and moving forward to be a better version of yourself everyday.

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23 thoughts on “Ranking The Best Golf Drivers of 2023

  1. After getting into golf about a month ago and hitting the course for the first time with some used clubs off marketplace, I’m becoming interested in upgrading my driver after shaft snapped on a clean hit. What does the fitting process look like for someone who’s still figuring out consistency with their contact?

  2. I used to think the original SIM was the best driver I had ever played…Stealth 2+ finally beat it out…ironically, I did the exact same thing with my stealth 2+ that you did….went with white accent and blacked out the face and top with the matte finish, best driver I have ever played by far!

  3. Serious question though. I use a King Cobra F7 Driver; I normally hit it around 265-275. Would I see drastic improvement's from buying a "newer" technology driver? Is it worth it?

  4. I noticed you stopped caling the C723 "Tours Edge". ? I was due for a new driver and went with the TSR3. Looks great, feel and sound are wonderful and for me the performance was best out of everything I tested. I soooooo wanted the Aerojet LS to work, but I just didn't hit it as well.

  5. 4:49 The PING G430 is still one of the worst sounding drivers. PING has stated they changed the sound but it still sounds like a CLANG and it high pitched. The sound might be shorter in duration but it's still offensively loud. Frankly embarrassing to hit. My single digit buddies happened to be at the range when our club had an outdoor tent PING demo day and we gave it a hefty workout with an array of shafts including the Tour 65-X "Black" and Kali white 75-X. Not a chance any of us would play this. The LST was slightly better but still clangy….And the 3w is equally bad.

  6. This is a disgrace for all your cobra fans out there.. good thing is I’m still beating both my buddies every single week with my LTDx LS and they spent a shit load of money on the weak ass Stealth 2+ ?

    If you want to go far and straight go with cobra, if you drink budlight and use the corniest golf saying ever go Fargiveness..

  7. I call bullshit. The TSR3 is just better than the Cobra or Taylormade this year, period. Plus, the Paradym is for sure one of the best 3 or 4 drivers out there, at worst. Too bad Rory can't use the TSR3 or Paradym. Instead, he is stuck using the Stealth 2 and missing cuts at the Masters. While John Rahm is winning everything, including the masters with the Paradym.

  8. I love the Golfshot app I use it every time I play. But don’t waste your time with the swing analyzer it is garbage. I tested it a couple times on course and my data looked weird so we tested it with my coach against a real swing analyzer and the Golfshot app’s swing analyzer accuracy was non existent. It was wrong 95% of the time and the other 5% it was still off by up too 15%. Don’t waste your watch battery using the swing analyzer. Everything else in the app is amazing though I love it.

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