How Often Should You Change Your Golf Clubs

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How Often Should You Change Your Golf Clubs, more questions answered with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru PGA professional. Mark answers a questions about buying golf clubs and how often should you change your golf clubs from your driver to your irons. Play your best golf with Mark Crossfield and his golf videos.

20 thoughts on “How Often Should You Change Your Golf Clubs

  1. I have these old ass swilken iorns that I don't even know how old they are but I just tried s set of my mates blades and hit them perfectly any recommendations

  2. Been using the same Taylormade RAC OS irons for 12 seasons. Regripped once and clean the grooves religiously. However, I have changed drivers 4 times.

  3. I don't change my irons until they're worn out and I play a lot of golf and I've never worn one out. I still have a mp57 3 and 4 iron along with mp37 5-pw and they still do the job. however I do find my drivers in particular need changed every few years.

  4. Instructors/marketers just like this one want you to believe golf is a performance game. It's not. For most people, it's a feel game. Play what feels good to you.

  5. I have a question that has been bothering me for some time. I hit my driver relatively straight, sometimes a little draw, sometimes a fade but very seldom get into trouble off the tee. I notice that my tee leaves a paint mark on my driver bottom at an angle, ie. not straight but kind of from heel to toe in direction. Is this normal or should the line it leaves be a straight line in the center of the club. I am a senior with a slow swing speed..80 – 85 mph, so I am wondering if the fact I don't hit it far is the reason I am almost in the fairway, and if I need to change my path to gain a few yards by straightening out my path? Could you please reply to this??? Thanks very much, Mark……..

  6. ehh I'm still using the same irons I've had since 2002 minus the pw and sw, i replaced those with second hand daddy mack wedges, I have an ERC 2 driver I can hit 280, an old ping putter from the late 90s, i only play casually though but if I had a handicap I'd be around 9

  7. Hesitate to buy new clubs just because they are new. Technology has not reached the point where shinier clubs will equate to match winning scores. Maybe take a portion of the money you planned to spend and buy new grips and lessons.

  8. I have been using Taylor Made R7s since they cam out, love the feel and still love the look of them had them custom fit when I got them, but may need the lie done again, but who knows I might just get new clubs

  9. I still have mp 32s I am a 8 hcapper playin as little as once every other week on average or less . I don't think clubs can be that different because they have to fit regulations so really how much of a difference can it make its all b.s. except for shafts and grips.

  10. As a rule, I've always changed my irons every 2 yrs and my wedges every yr. And I've always said that if I could afford it I would change my irons every yr and my wedges every 6 months. I don't mean change brands, I am simply talking about getting new versions of the same clubs as long as they are still doing what I want them to do. However, based on a recent discovery, I may change my way of thinking. I've played Ping s55 irons for a couple yrs and at the end of 2015 they hit the 2 yr old mark. So I purchaced new irons; fresh grooves was my reasoning. So as we all know, with Ping all you have to do is give them your serial number and they will make you a new set spec'd the exact same as your previous clubs. But this yr was different in that since the middle of 2014 I've owned the GC2-HMT from Foresight Sports. Well, after I got my shiney new s55 irons, I did some spin rate testing. Low and behold, there was hardly any difference at all. I think the most spin difference I found was 500 rpm with 1 of the irons; can't even remember which club it was. The avg. spin rate difference between the 2 yr old set and the brand spanking new set was something like 275 rpm. This was somewhat of a let down as I was expecting at least 1000 rpm or more; not sure why I was expecting that, just was. However, I also ditched my Ping Tour Gorge wedges in favor of the new Callaway MD3 wedges, and I ditched my 10 iron (s55 pitching wedge) in favor of the same lofted (46*) MD3 wedge. With the wedges, I saw a minimum of 500 rpm difference on avg., and I was maxing out the 60* & 56* MD3s at well over 10K rpm. The most I ever got with the Tour Gorge 56* was 10520 rpm; that's in a video I posted named "Whack a Wedge". I could also see a lot of difference while playing with the wedges as well. So bottom line, in my opinion, is that with irons it doesn't make much difference. And if you have the money to spend, get a new set of wedges instead of irons if you can only afford 1 or the other.

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