How To Accelerate The Arms In The Golf Swing | Milo Lines Golf

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Get the arms slinging (accelerating) through and after the hitting area!

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Harry Brett says:

It appears that Milo's right hand goes from Extension to Straight in the "hitting area" (from 3:19 to 3:26). This seems to be very important, in that the right wrist by this movement is adding acceleration to the acceleration that is already being added by the straightening of the right elbow in this same "hitting area".
This adds to the acceleration of the wrist that is already being accelerated by the motion of the right forearm. This is a very, very helpful video. This forearm-wrist-shaft movement is much like the successive portions of a whip in a whip's action. It also seems that like a whip this hand movement at the wrist does not have to be actively done, but simply by allowing a release of the wrist bend as the torso slows and the right arm is extended at the elbow. One other point, the pressure on the shaft from the rotation of the torso and the extension of right arm and the straightening of the right hand at its wrist, occurs at the lifeline of the palm of the right hand as it exerts pressure on the left left thumb which is on the back of the shaft.

J. P. Montpellier says:

One word……AWESOME !

Shawn Grinstead says:

Milo, Just found this. I used to swing like this , or thought I did but had HUGH slice.. what could I have been doing wrong?

LiquidMocoFilms LLC says:

Where I agree that the general mechanics of the swings are similar they are very different. If you want an equal comparison, you could create a clubhead at the end of the bat so that the only way you can hit the ball square is to hit it perfectly square with the clubhead at the end of the bat. Sorry baseball, there is no comparison, golf is a lot harder.

311hitwall says:

So are your hips and chest moving at the same time?

311hitwall says:

I think the hardest thing to do is practice using less than a full swing because you don't have the same forces working with a half swing, etc. How do you find that balance between freedom of the arms and control of the arms so that the clubhead ends up square??

Phil McLeod says:

Is the right arm totally passive – or is it more active like throwing the club with the right arm – or are both arms like ropes and totally reacting to the body?

merciejo1 says:

I never played baseball. The time you use and videos you show on baseball is useless …..

adri vreeke says:

Wrong because the ball is at the holymoly ground this training causes over the top for a lifetime

Hung Phan says:

So Milo, we are trying to turn as much as we can and extend 2 arms as much as we can while trying to throw the club thru the ball and to the target? Thanks Milo for great instruction video.

azcharlie2009 says:

I've played for over 60 years and I don't understand how you can ever square the club without some forearm rotation. The club face will never square just by turning the body.

Danny Law says:

Exactly right, and good example to express the idea.

Paulie Walnuts says:

Hmmmm…interesting bit about chest helping to “launch” left arm. Never heard of that one before but will give it a go on the range today. Thanks

hbyrdut says:

In 1 of your slow mo swings your left arm was still pinned against your chest at impact. When does it sling off?

Then Khong Wooi says:

Great, you sounds like Bobby Jones

robin hopkins says:

want to like this multiple times. awesome

Ben Jonson says:

Should you concentrate on your chest, shoulders or hips? Thank you.

crankin says:

Found your site fairly recently and been going through all of your content. As a baseball player, this resonated with me – just makes sense. Good stuff.

Jay Schwarz says:

Milo, Do you feel that, from around P6, that your right elbow and right hip are moving pretty much in sync? As I watch your swing, it appears that there’s some parallel timing going on there. Just wondering!

Richard Mewshaw says:

I like how the golf swing is related to the baseball swing. I think you should put a little discussion in how the spine bends and tilts throughout the swing too for us who want a little more detail of the body movement,

Gary Stromberg says:

Wow Milo, that might be the best video I've seen.
Why can I understand it but not do it? Lol

Richard Mewshaw says:

This is a great video and something that I needed explained to me. Something that I have been working on but never had it explained like this before. When I saw this video, I just said to myself,,,,OMG!

Dunn Golfing says:

99% of all golfers are not behind the ball at impact all pros are 👍get in front you're never going to get this move really great video I subbed ages ago and your channel in a mine field of golf vids is simply one of the best 👍 on here top 5 easy keep up the great work 😃

Pat Carlton says:

Milo, As an older guy I can turn 90 with shoulders and 45 with my hips with moving my lower body first, however most of my hits are toe side resulting in straight to pull shots but lacks distance. What can I do to hit in middle of face?

Robert says:

Good short and concise explanation and because of this, I highly rate your videos. Cheers

Rene Bautista says:

What do your hips do in the downswing?

steve perry says:

milo, 'nother good one, thnx

Jay Schwarz says:

Someday, I would like to see a video about some ideas to maintain effortless power under pressure.

When I get to a very tough hole or in competition, it’s too easy to revert back to old habits, and snatch the club rapidly down from the top with the arms.

I think most everyone would be interested in your thoughts about maintaining tempo and sequencing on the course.


Leemz100 says:

my problem is I lose my spine angle, standing up at impact, and this causes me to extend my right arm to reach the ball. My misses are thin shots.

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