Shaft Flex: What's Right For Your Swing

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Shaft Flex can have a significant effect on your ball striking.  We all know this, but it can also affect what type of swing you have.

There's more to consider; what is the right flex for your swing profile? You should also take into consideration, what is the right shaft movement for your acceleration profile.

If you have an early release or cast the club, you can most likely get away with a softer flex shaft, even if you have a faster swing speed. If you create and hold significant lag, you can most likely fit yourself with a stiffer flex shaft, even with a slower swing speed.

Taking these points into consideration, your shaft flex will be critical in helping maximize your consistency.

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Darren Prest says:

Don't buy off the rack…

K says:

What about a senior that has a mid 70’s swing speed. I hit the ball straight.

Mike C says:

Great content tells me club fitting and some form of instruction are very important. Thank s for this video

Hill Picon says:

Seven years already passed when I started playing and all those years were filled with practices and lessons. Learning these golf swing strategies , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it) authorized me to shot a 75 after a couple of buckets. I was able to become more familiar with many golf concepts such as grip, ball position as well as through swing drills. My past handicap is 13, but now I`m beginning to drop it. This tutorial is extremely good!

Max A says:

Thank you Kevin Costner. great vid

FFLL2112 says:

Great video! Best analysis I’ve seen and without all the technical info that confuses most recreational golfers

The Boom Bapp says:

Makes sense. I am 49 and just went through a shaft fitting. I am playing shafts that were foolishly fit for me when I was 33 when I started playing. True Temper x100's that were stepped down twice. Now at 49, I was just fit for a set of True Temper X Seven shafts. My old sticks were too stiff and I payed for it. Different golf game now thanks to a proper and desperately needed fitting.

Vinny says:

It's all about how you load the shaft is what he's saying. Really not enough information presented IMO, as swinging a Driver at a somewhat higher swing speed with a longer shaft is going to be different than swinging your irons and taking a divot. Just because you can hit a stiff driver does not equate into having your set make-up have stiff shafts. You need to get fit for your clubs, or know your swing well in order to get the best performance out of your set.

Wesley Guan says:

Very professional

Russell Reilly says:

I don't need extra pressure to swing too hard, jerk at the ball and slice the hell out of it. That's my standard swing lol. I have good technique practise swings but when I get to the top of my back swing when I'm actually gunna hit the ball my Hulk smash reflex gets triggered and I try and crush the bloody thing lol

TXTE says:

For the longest time I was slicing and ended up turning it into a pull slice/fade to compensate. The entire time I was using heavy & stiff shafts because I thought my club face was being left open from my transition but it turns out I wasn’t even properly loading the club (felt like a baseball bat) so I was getting no launch and my club face was being left open due to that and not the contrary.

77acacosta says:

Great explanation.

dry509 says:

High handicapper I have 70 mph swing speed? 80-85 mph ball speed?

Chris Kraemer says:

I’ve watched 4 videos on golf club shafts before I found this video, this video by far explained it better and now I know what to look at and can video and learn. THANK YOU

Waters81 says:

I’m confused, I’m a high handicapper and was told I have a fast swing and was told to get a steel but the graphite just felt nicer to hit and was getting way more yards. But I keep being told steel

kurt mathews says:

3 yards. That’s the difference between an A and an XS shaft. Also most people couldn’t tell you what they’re hitting if you covered the letters on the shaft.

Jason Manuel-Morgan says:

Uh…..we can't see your hands and what your are trying to demo with the club…

cpintucson1 says:

Would have been nice to see the three examples, high speed video (and played in slo mo): casting, coming from inside and returning to address position.

@ManYahn says:

This is the best explanation I've heard yet about which shaft to use.

Dan Linehan says:

Main flaw to shaft flex is the lack of industry standards. Due to proprietary issues among manufacturers, a stiff, flex or “S” shaft from one may not and mostly will not be same from one manufacturer to the other. This is one major flaw in purchasing off the rack without a fitting from a professional fitter and I’m not talking about a salesman. I’m not a fitter but my game greatly improved after I paid for a fitting, purchased new clubs and took lessons. My game improved to the point that I needed to change shafts because of my swing speed improvements and swing path traits.

The video is 100% on target but do yourself a favor and get fitted for the best shaft for your game.

Dapstur says:

Amazing i bought a new driver and it came with a really flexable shaft and i fade right super bad. I swing the club about 103-108 so i should get a regular or stiff.

RiverRuns NC says:

I understand swing speed and flex. What about weight and how does that affect impact and distance?

Robert Hooles says:

Very interesting, not something that I have heard before. I use a stiff flex shaft in my driver as I don’t like the ‘whipping’ feel of the regular flex. I am now considering trying a stiff flex in my irons to compare the difference. Thanks

Dominik Sublime says:

Great breakdown

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