[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 004: Basic Fundamentals for Chipping

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Greg Saiter says:

Excellent, Excellent and Excellent. I watched a million of these vids and this one is the best by FAR.

Hoa Trung Le says:

Thanks a lots, it is easy to understand.

Wasim Haq says:

Thanks a lotttt Aimee… your lessons are simply the best….. made tremendous improvement only within two days. Though I'm a 24 handicapper but I do have a very fast swing…your lessons helped a great deal in getting even more distance with accuracy….All the very best…respect from Bangladesh

Barboski 79 says:

Wow! The way you teach is really simple! Thank you!


brilliant !

Jordan Martinka says:

im also wondering, if that club head between your legs tip is just for like women (not to be sexist) but women r typically shorter, and im wondering if taller people should maybe take a slightly wider stance, plus opposed to chipping, i have a 59 degree wedge that ill use up to 70 yards from the green, should i still maintain a thinner stance?

Jordan Martinka says:

ive actually learned most of this in the past im just kind of looking for other perspectives, from what i hear most pros use the hinge and hold method, but i dont like that, i feel like u touch on subjects that arent all that important such as head movement, like if someone does that, yes they will be inconsistent, but if they care to find a way, they will start hitting it correctly and moving their head when its nessessary, i think the most important part is keeping your weight on your front leg, cause just with me, im kind of inconsistent, but i know when i blade it, its cause i have my weight even rather than shifted to the front

Sylvie Lombardo says:

Love the way she teaches. Best teacher on golf in my opinion. Very detailed so we can understand

Calvin Huang says:

Thanks Aimee!
I improve my long game after watching your videos repeatedly. However, I'm still struggling with my short game. I'd love to see more chipping and pitching lessons from you.
After watching so many YouTubers, I think you are the best golf instructor on YouTube. What you teach is simple and straight forward. Thanks again!!

Andy Davis says:

Wow i wanna learn now.

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