How To Align For Accurate & Consistent Golf Shots [Struggle No More With Accuracy!]

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13 thoughts on “How To Align For Accurate & Consistent Golf Shots [Struggle No More With Accuracy!]

  1. Thanks for the video! I realize it's 2+ years old. I naturally did this when I played my best golf as a kid and in college (division 1). This really hit home with me! Your simple concise explanation was perfect. ??

  2. I have been experimenting with Jim's method for the past 4 months and it has improved my golf game greatly. It has improved my ball striking and consistency. As a result, my handicap has dropped 3 points to date. Even though I am a C-grader, I am getting closer to becoming a B-grader – that would be my target for the next few months. As I am 70 years old and my driver distance is only around 200 meters (total carry + run), it would be quite difficult to become any better than a 18-handicapper.

    One very important thing that I have done also is to re-watch Jim's videos to re-learn and reduce the possibility of picking up bad habits.

    Thank you Jim

  3. Just found Jim's clips, looking for a simpler swing. It all makes sense to me, now I just have to actually try it 🙂
    I have expreminted with swings before, where the pressure is on the left foot from the start, with quite good results.
    An additional bonus is Jim's (casual) style. A bit as if Walter White had gone inte golf teaching instead of meth. (I hope my golf shots will be as pure as Heisenberg's product. 😉 )

  4. 5:37 thanks Jim. I saw some of your short videos last night and it seemed to make sense so I tried it blind in my game today and bingo. So accurate so easy and much better distance. You’re amazing. Peter R

  5. This is a very natural feel, I've started figuring this out on my own recently and now I have confirmation that I'm on the right track, also I'm a pretty good dart shooter ?

  6. Thank you clarifying this. I've been trying your style for months, and have been experimenting with ball position. We all have different body shapes and swings and need to make adjustments…I am now dialing it it in. Like I've said before…the hardest part is holding those shoulders still until AFTER impact.

  7. Finally someone who swings like me. Other golfers cannot believe how far I aim to the right but I very consistently hit my target. I don't play a big hook either. Alot of my shots are dead straight or a slight draw.
    I am a 1 handicap. I hardly ever miss a fairway and usually hit between 15 and 18 greens yet other golfers keep trying to correct my alignment. Lol.
    I cannot swing with an open stance or even a square stance. I also think alignment sticks are a complete waste of time. All I have to do is look over my left shoulder to see and align to my target.
    I use the same phrase as you. You can't aim your gun if your gun isn't firing.
    Great video!

  8. I’ve noticed one big thing that helps me. The more I close my shoulders the more the ball draws. I’ve gotten better consistency when my feet are even and my right foot isn’t back ( i had a tendency to drop my right foot Back a little ) Now if I want to fade ball I just slightly open my stance and don’t close my shoulders as much. It’s awesome

  9. How much power does the right and the left shoulder-arm emit, in your teaching? Like a percentage of each. I know I’m right side dominant. Something I’ve been working on… It’s very hard to break that habit. That causes me to spin out. This is a problem that’s came on in my later years… When I don’t spin out, I hit the ball better.

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