Closed Stance Club Path Golf Drill

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Closed Stance Club Path Golf Drill with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. Mark talks club path and how to move the path with a simple closed feet stance. Improve your tee shots, irons shots and and hit longer golf shots with a improved golf swing. This is another golf swing lesson through the iPhone, iPad and android golf app.



pulldpin says:

How about just leaving your swing in a closed stance all the time?

Donald Cohen says:

Jim Venetos teaches the set up as a Closed Shoulder with Lead Foot 70% Weighted — Just keep the shoulder closed THROUGH impact with the ball, and your ball flies off the clubhead. Only Swing Thought is keeping the set up position "still" Amazing results.

Kort Kleinman says:

A little fat there, pal.

Vim9654 Mitt says:

Neutral setup. Should I take club inside and then inside after impact?

Brian Andrew says:

This is glorious, been searching for "how to hit a driving iron off the tee" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Reyuhaffad Underlying Recognition – (just google it ) ? It is a good exclusive product for discovering how to revealing an effortless golf swing technique without the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my buddy got amazing results with it.

chad salute says:

Did this drill at the range at it cured my slice. Thank you for the solid advice. It worked for me.

Geep1778 NYC says:

i hit the ball well w this type of stance but always revert back to square after i get tuned up. I also feel like i can swing a lot harder that way n stay balanced. Right leg feels much more stable as i turn. My question is Can you play good golf w just a closed stance? or should i always revert back to square? I flare both feet a lil usually n typically pull my right back some and inward like im trying to hit a draw if that matters for anyone w the magic answer.

mobydoug says:

This is a tip that works…..really……well.

Jim Mitchell says:

Can I play close all the time I like it

Ben Norris says:

I have the EXACT same problem. This drill is one of the most productive I've ever tried (and I usually pay for my damn lessons)! Noticeable change within ten minutes on the range. Great advice.

Aussie Taffia says:

I had (occasionally have) this problem and i use a cross leg drill to stay square through impact. Basically cross your left leg over your right and swing as full as you can. Your body can't open up so you get used to staying square. do 10 or so of these and then go back to normal stance.. works for me

Steven Hook says:

I can't stand this! I have the same issue, been to 5 different pros about it and I just can't fix it!! Will try this drill though

Fixed 1964 says:

Great Video Mark, I commented a couple of weeks ago about my swing, this is exactly it, and my lessons I am having is exactly what you are showing here.

ubb4me says:

I use this drill (but I keep my shoulder and hips square to the target). This helps me to feel a good backswing as I tend to cross the line at the top of my swing. You literally cannot do that using this drill. It also encourages a deep right hip turn on the backswing which keeps me from swinging with just my upper body. Really good drill. Jason Dufner uses this one.

I3oomstick says:

Thanks for the video this is exactly what I was doing with my swing. Nasty snap hooks or slices hopefully I can rid myself of this nasty habbit

Chris I says:

This is a good drill and really might be a cure for some golfers with inconsistent control. I've seen so many videos and instruction harping on how to develop power from the ground up, involving lots of rotation of the hips. While this is probably true to a reasonable extent, timing the movement is critical to directional control, as is the shoulder position at impact. Its really difficult to see in many of the videos (behind and side view) how the body position at impact relates to swing path, arm position and the club face. I think an overhead video may be additional help for some to visual better legs-hips-arm positions during the swing. Thanks.

daswerck91 says:

i dont have a driver nor fairway woods. I can't hit my hybrid it's horrendous how i can't hit that thing. 
What should I buy next, a driver or a 5wood ?

Aussie Mike says:

I beat golf ninja! Yeh…..
I use this drill ang yes it works,

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