Club Face Closed and More Body Turn Golf Tip

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Club Face Closed and More Body Turn Golf Tip with PGA professional AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield. This is another daily swing fox video helping golfers from all around the world with their golf swings. Learn how the golf grip can change the club face and how more body turn can help with more power and striking.

13 thoughts on “Club Face Closed and More Body Turn Golf Tip

  1. Great vid.
    I seem to be hitting a 20-30 yard draw but only with my driver. My grip is neutral and it's only with my driver. If I move the ball position back with the driver it goes straight.
    My teacher was saying I may be releasing too early or shutting the face. Can you suggest anything?

  2. I experiment with these things continuously. This right-hand palm grip is one of the things I have tried and seeing that this issue has been fairly prominent in recent videos and I don't necessarily agree (I do and I don't) with Mark, I thought I'd pitch in.

    So, right hand under the club… I prefer to think right hand behind the club, the right palm facing the face orthogonally (instead of being parallel).
    The twisting of the club Mark is talking about doesn't need to happen – I find that you can hinge your right wrist while the left wrist bends back. This doesn't change the way the club face is pointing at, it stays the same. It doesn't need to twist when you pivot either or when you raise your hands.
    So instead of hinging both wrists and then twisting the club to the side while pivoting, you just pivot and let the club bend back. There's no internal rotation of the arms and as such no twisting of the club face open.

    In the downswing you have to keep the face from closing. The way to do this, for me, is to bring the right elbow in front of you while making sure the right hand faces up through the impact zone. To make this swing efficient you can pull on the handle with your left hand towards the left of the target line diagonally (in the round really…) making the club exit left right after it hits the golf ball.

    I certainly didn't lose any distance by doing this and it brought me some control over the club face (or rather it stayed the same so I didn't have to control it).

    I did suffer from an odd  hook or pull when the club face accidentally closed, so I have moved the right hand a little to give the club face a bit of opening and closure rate.

    My point is that the right hand under can work if you do it a little differently than the orthodox golf swing. Still, I don't say that Mark is wrong in regards to this in general. His advice is sound as always.

  3. hi mark,
    bought your app – your stuff is simply awesome! but I can't send my swing! Is the camera-upload working fine on android? (I use a htc one) tried it with different videos from my gallery…
    thanks for the great work!

  4. Hip rotation through impact is my weakness too. The push of drill is a good one although if I'm not careful it makes me too quick and I lose timing in the strike but a key though for me is to make a conscious effort to leave my hands at the top if my swing for as long as possible and to focus purely on unwinding the lower half, almost trying to forget about the hands and arms completely. Not easy and constant work in progress.

  5. Mark,
    Not a criticism, but instead of continuous swing fixes, would you be able to start going through more functional tips? I.e. how to play mid irons in fairway bunkers, how to chip long irons under trees, etc. You gave Trent a great piece of advice/ knowledge in a recent Vlog, where you informed him that when hacking out of the rough, the club will snag and pull the ball left- which was really helpful for everyone.
    Thanks for all the great work.

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