How To Create Lag In The Golf Swing | Effortless Power

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Reason To Riot says:

Clay!!! This is THE best drill for lag I’ve ever done. I’d also say it’s a great drill for guys like me that used to go past parallel at the top. This fixes both!

M M says:

this is absolutely ridiculous

MrAyeno3bad says:

Hi clay. Crazy how much lag you create! When I try this I really struggle to time the release of the club and can’t strike the ball well my face seems to be way open at impact and slicing and making terrible contact. I feel like I am purposely trying to force the lag and hold it for too long.

Sudip Shrestha says:

This is like one of the best feels for creating lag I have seen. Thanks

Mark Lion Land says:

I love You Clay 😍

Chris huang says:

like bryson

Evan Sine says:

So does the lag come as a result of you starting the back swing. Or from something with the hands pulling down

BeachBow says:

Do you find that relaxing your right hand helps to whip the club?

Kent Davies says:

Just want to say watching a few videos of yours and taking mini practice swings in my basement, visualizing your tips in my head… I went to the range two days ago and I was hitting iron and wood shots off the mat like never before. Can't wait for spring.

Jeremiah Y says:

What a sensational vid. Gained about 15yards almost immediately visualizing that acute angle on the downswing. Thanks clay !

David Gleason says:

Thanks!! I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for a couple months and they have drastically improved my game. The videos got me hooked! Just signed up for topspeed membership.

Reza Zavvar says:

Hi Clay, love your videos. What video camera do you use to create your youtube content? Thank you!

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