Driver Set Up is Key – Part 1 – Golf with Michele Low

Michele Low is a Golf Coach and Golf Professional. She aims to create simple and easy-to-follow YouTube videos to help you with your golf game. This channel, Golf With Michele Low is home of Golf Coaching, Golf Tips, Golf Course Vlogs and every other thing about golf.

MicheIe Low是一名高尔夫教练。她的目标是为您提供有关高尔夫的技巧和理念。

29 thoughts on “Driver Set Up is Key – Part 1 – Golf with Michele Low

  1. I just started my journey playing golf and boy I'm so glad I came across her videos. Such a gift to the world of Golf ⛳️
    Thanks Michele

  2. hi michele first thank you very much for this video ,bcoz since last 8 years i m surching diference between iron & driver swing no buddy told me in your clip i understand,

  3. Michele… I have been a fan of your channel for a while and really like your instructions. You keep things simple and basic. So after a two week stretch of driving the ball poorly I rewatched your driving series. Bingo! Rather than trying to figure out what was wrong I went back to the basics. Setup and take away. Followed your instructions and next time playing I hit 12 out of 13 fairways. (The miss was hitting it too far on a dogleg) Distance was 25 to 30 yards longer too. Your videos will be my go to for correcting any future issues. I can’t thank you enough. Senior golfer in Surf City North Carolina USA.

  4. Thanks so much Michelle Low! Your my new golf mentor. I shared this with my partner and women cousins who your golf videos really helped! Especially the driver and hybrid videos! It really changed our game and lowered our score! Thanks so much! We appreciate all your videos from Canada ??

  5. Michelle, you are awesome! This kiwi is your regular fan and I watched all your marvellous and informative videos! However, I seem to miss out something from your videos viz positioning of the head in every swing! Can you teach us the correct head position in every swing please? I am a bit confused! Many thanks! Mingle

  6. I love all your online lessons and wish I could go to you to receive private lessons.
    In the meantime, I have having issues hitting behind the ball with the driver. Is there a swing thought you could provide me to stop it and make solid contact. Thank you.

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