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10 thoughts on “Why Amateur Golfers can’t create LAG? – So Simple! – NEVER SEEN!

  1. Great vid Craig, l've been rattling around most of the swing gurus on YouTube, think I'm gonna be sticking with you for some time, been trying to emulate Hogan most of my golfing life, his shaft almost looked like it was resting on the back of his neck during the down swing, your vid emphasises this retention of angle and a great way of achieving it, thanks again!

  2. You didn't mention anything about rotation of the upper body. Isn't keeping the arms moving in sync with the rotation of the upper body a big factor in maintaining that shaft angle? Doesn't that angle break down if you stop or slow your body OR your arms are thrown faster and out race your lower and upper body? I ask because I've worked and worked on lag drills and I've made very little progress. In fact my game has taken a turn for the worse

  3. easily the best video I've seen on youtube about the release and what lag really is. I golfed for 30 years and just worked with a coach for 6 months and this video made it all click. Shaft lean and lag isn't something you produce, it's the result of this movement. That was hard to wrap my head around and not taught very well in the golf world… but wow what a difference after seeing this video! big thanks!

  4. Hello, I am a golf master in Korea. I am learning a lot by watching the video. A good one-point lesson is very helpful. thank you

  5. All it takes is side bending to the right in the downswing, the same bio-mechanics as when tossing a stone across a pond side arm. Every pro does it to some degree depending on body type. Those with long torsos / short leg proportions can do it much more than one with short torso / long legs.

    Just stand poised at the top of the backswing at the point the club stops and reverses direction and do nothing except side bend to the right and observe what happens… the hands drop down on a circular path towards the ball and the right arm tucks into the body. That side bend move can be done independently from the hip and shoulder turn. What happens if you start to side bend to the right while the backswing of the shoulders is still occurring? The club head mass is jerked down in the hands causing the shaft to bend storing potential energy. If you try the side bend move starting at the top you will also find it creates a reflexive lateral shift of the hips to the target which will unlock the front leg and allow the hips to fire open.

    To maintain the bend in the shaft and potential energy to impact the hands must keep pulling down on the club head and accelerating faster than the club head mass does. If the speed of the club head catches up to the hands the bend comes out of the shaft and the potential energy is lost. How do the pros maintain that lag and bend in the shaft? By progressively increasing the amount of side bend in the spine throughout the downswing.

    Keeping the club shaft vertical in the downswing above the hands keeps it close to the center of rotation similar to how a figure skater pulls their arms in to spin faster. The better the golfer can lag the club and bring it down vertically the faster the physics will allow them to fire the hips open.

    At the point the hands reach the bottom of their swing arc the club shaft is horizontal with the ground allowing gravity to act on it along with the momentum to whip it around the hands if the golfer’s grip allows it to freely ‘waggle’ from thumb-up radial deviation to thumb down ulnar deviation, something recreational golfers fail to do because of poor grips with too much grip pressure in the fingers. The reverse bend comes out of the shaft to the point of bending past straight to forward as it bottoms out in its swing arc unless the golfer lifts the heel of the back foot to allow the hips to keep turning past 45° open. Keeping the back foot on the ground can result in the hips getting stuck 45° open and the shaft bending forward to the point of the head snapping off the shaft. Watch videos of Ben Hogan frame by frame watching the movement of his hands as they drop down below the waist, the blur of the club shaft as it accelerates and how and when he peeled his back foot off the ground then turned it to release hips and shoulders.

  6. Very interesting, I've never consiously tried keeping the shaft close to my trail shoulder before, felt much simpler than a late hinge and took pressure off my left wrist in the transition. 69 gross first time out with it, love it !!!

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