How to disassemble and clean your Rogue Fitness barbell

Rogue's Director of Product Developement Ahmik Jones explains, step-by-step, how to take apart, clean and reassemble a Rogue Fitness bushing barbell.*

* This process is only for bushing barbells. If you have a bearing barbell — the Rogue OLY Bar, Euro Bar, Froning Bearing bar — this process will not work.

27 thoughts on “How to disassemble and clean your Rogue Fitness barbell

  1. Great video, but I must admit. It makes me feel pretty stupid lol! I have the same barbell as you… In fact I have about 20 of them at our gym. I cannot for the life of me get the snap ring off. I used a pair of snap ring pliers, but I squeezed them so hard they themselves snapped. Then, I bought a more expensive pair of internal snap ring pliers. Been trying for days now, sometimes 1-2 hours at a time with no luck. I had to stop because I was getting inflammation from all the squeezing… But for the love of God I still can't remove the snap ring! It's as though the pliers don't close quite far enough for the ring to loosen properly. If I try to pull or wiggle the pliers at all, they just pop straight off of the snap ring. I must be as dumb as a bag of bricks. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? It looks so simple for the videos. Thanks.

  2. I've recently purchased the rouge c70s bar. It has up and down and side to side play and the more weight plates are added the less freely the bar spins I've come across two other people with the same issues (except its the Ohio bar) I didn't care at first until I realised that the bar rotation is affected by adding plates. I've only just received it in the mail, the most weight I've used on it is 150lbs because I have a tender elbow and I haven't dropped it, I've set it down gently after use. Do you sell replacement parts for this barbell ? The spin on mine is terrible compared with the one on this youtube. What is the problem with it ? It is supposed to be brand new

  3. Any advice on what lubricant to use? The Teflon spray in the video is much thinner than the factory grease. I imagine the spray attracts less buildup but probably doesn’t last as long. I noticed a difference in the sound, the spray is more metal on metal but spins a little faster with the lower viscosity but the lube sounds quieter, a little more dampened and refined. I was thinking maybe some white lithium grease for a heavier lube? Maybe use the spray in a dusty environment but expect to re-oil sooner and grease in a cleaner set it and forget it environment?

  4. How often should you use 3 in 1 oil on a Barbell . It's my own bar I use in my garage. I Train 6 days a week. I don't put chalk directly on the bar. So how often should you wipe the chalk off and put the oil down the collars?


  5. great video, but my sleeve doesn't move back in towards the bar, it is stuck, does anyone have any idea what solution to use to get it unstuck?

  6. Thing is I don’t want mine to spin, super hard to bench when the bar is spinning and shaking

    Where do I tighten to keep the bar one unit?

  7. Those bushings spin directly on the bar itself?
    Do you sell replacement bushings?
    What's the difference between those Bronze Bushings and Composit Bushings used on the Rogue 2.0 bar?

  8. I conditioned my raw-steel bar with a rust dissolver, then added the 3-in-1 oil. The next day my bar was already brown and rusty. I think its flash rust: do I just need to use more oil next time? Also: can you use rifle blue to recolor the barbell if it's patina is brown???

  9. Great video. Just followed the step and it is now spinning smooth again. (Bought wrong type of snap ring plier first (external snap ring instead of internal)).

  10. Greetings Of the day!
    I hail from Mumbai in India and by profession I am a Cabin Crew.I have looked for the whole of YouTube and google however there is no video on the maintenance,replacement of the bushing or bearing which make the Barbell Spin and even if There is a barbell which has no bearing can a bushing be installed if yes the demonstration because I have recently purchased an affordable Olympic barbell with no ambushing or bearing and Like me there are many people I believe who may benefit. Since the Expertise that you have and the First video which I happen to see of yours is the Russian Rogue Barbell after which I started Following your Videos. So if You happen to Read this In Detail and possible at your end. Because as I said no one has done a video on this Detail.
    Thanks and Regards.

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