Swing your DRIVER SLOWER but hit the golf ball FURTHER

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How would you like to swing your driver slower but hit the golf ball further? We all get told we swing too quickly and this causes less control but we also hear that we need more club head speed to hit the ball further. Confused??? Well by the end of this video you won't be.

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rick Franklin says:

Thanks again for helping my game out. Work at a golf course as a greens keeper. We had a friendly scramble between greens keepers and club house (club pro side). Greens keepers won thanks to your videos. Cheers to you and yours. Merry Christmas.

Steve Compton says:

Thanks Ali! Very new to the sport and will give this a try at the range tomorrow!

Joey Forsythe says:

I needed this video. I’m starting to like my driver again

Stephen Fowler says:

It's not just about clubhead speed. The best distance comes when the clubhead is accelerating at contact.

David Vickers says:

The widely accepted rule is to use farther when being literal and discussing a physical distance, as in “He went farther down the road.” Further is used when discussing a more symbolic distance or to discuss a degree or extent, as in “I wanted to discuss it further, but we didn't have time.”

I Hate Krakens! says:

Right and wrong. When I take a long, slow swing it does go further (230 instead of 220). But I've got a couple of young friends who swing like lunatics and their drives go 320+ yards.

Haley Diaz says:


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Matt S says:

I'm going to try and slow down a bit more next season. Thanks for the tips!

Dennis Hammer says:

Good explanation, thanks.
Would like to see a video in the same details on the releasing of the driver once you make ball contact. Still a little confusing to me.

Mike Barnard says:

Here’s a relevant maths factoid. From 10cm ( 4”) behind ball the ammount the club has to rise to get a 3 degree up angle of attack is ….. one and a half dimples ….approx 5.2mm
Not a lot. Yes tee height important but +3 aoa achievable with virtually any tee height.

Orlando Nelthorpe says:

Ali, great tips. What I don't understand is – if (to prevent slicing when hitting off the left heel) I should place my trail foot slightly back, what is it YOU do to stop slicing? After all you hit it dead straight with your feet in the normal position. Thanks

Thomas McCauley says:

It would be nice to see your strikes on the face. Maybe use some impact tape. I tried to increase my speed with swing trainers and actually increased it 10 mph, but I got less distance. When I put impact tape on my driver, I found that the contact was all over the face. So I cut back my swing speed until I could consistently hit near the center of the clubhead and actually gained 10 yards of distance.

Kevin Fuller says:

Is it ok to tee the ball up and move the ball up in your stance for a power fade too?

Michael Cunningham says:

HI it appears the longest hitters on the PGA tour look like they jump out of their shoe's others lift off the ground when they drive the ball anything but smooth it appears to work most of the time why?
I agree with you and I love the way you have explained how to swing slow and accurate for sweet impact. I also find it better for someone with a dodgy back.
Cheers Michael.

Gabriel Jones says:

How far back should the trail foot go? Awesome tip though!

cojophoto says:

Great vid! Looking forward to hitting the sim this week and trying that out.

Dave C. says:

Are you setting up with the face of the club slightly open to the ball?

Adam says:

Just wanted to say thanks for this video…. I'm a 9 handicap and until last 2-3 months driver had been strongest club in my bag then out of nowhere I started coming over the top, hitting low on the face, high toes… Basically nothing I wanted to be doing.

I've just come back from the range as this is a godsend. Tempo is key!

Clive Rose says:

Thanks Ali. Very insightful. I play the ball off my front foot with driver and I hit the ball fairly straight most of the time, but I have noticed that when I hit the occasional slice my correction for that is to feel like I’m slightly closed at address, then I get back to straight. I’ve never really thought it through though, just gone on instinct.

Joe Troupe says:

It is difficult to swing slower like you suggest, but when I can subdue my killer instinct, and swing slower and smoother, I cross the water hole from the fairway and my 2nd shot off the tee is usually from the center of the fairway.
Thank you for this reminder video demonstration.

Lee Davies says:

I do that set up but I get a lot of low hit in the face. I'm lost with my driver

George Mazuran says:

Hi Ali , I’ve measured you before can you get video lessons from you
Down under

Nigel Loughlin says:

My last lesson from my golf pro he wanted me to do this. I found it hard to have two different swings (irons/driver) Moving the right foot back makes sense and think this will allow me to make a different swing. Also I have tee to low. Will try tomorrow……Cheers 💥

jke11y52 says:

Really like your simple way of breaking down the mechanics of the swing. Driver has always been one of my strengths but never thought about the trail leg until now thanks

hey whotsgoinon says:

At last. You have explained you must swing more in to out with higher arms at the end of the driver swing to combat the fade/slice the more forward the ball is in the setup. I haven't seen anyone else making golf videos explain this. Good one

jmack619 says:

Great video lesson! It sounds like we should do similar to our automobiles when they are underperforming, ie…. diagnostic machine. I 100000% agree with your logic, and unfortunately do not know any of my parameters with regards to clubhead speed , ball speed, angle of attack, or bottom of swing. I also don,t know club face, or club path. Time for a fix! Thank-you for an eye opened. John m

TheRealTruth Bygod says:

Excellent thoughts Ali. It should stop me trying to hit too hard, and I shall know later today!

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