How to finally MASTER your LONG IRONS

How to finally master your long irons!

How do you stand over a long iron shot with confidence knowing that you are about to pull off a great shot, well thats exactly what I cover in this video where i show you how you can finally master those long iron shots…… or maybe you are better suited to the alternative option, also covered within the video

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24 thoughts on “How to finally MASTER your LONG IRONS

  1. How to master your long irons: buy a hybrid 😀

    Kidding – great video. Thanks! I definitely lean back at impact so it was a good reminder.

  2. Great advice on getting comfortable with your long irons, one tip i have for you is to strengthen your grip a little bit that is why you are getting those shots that leak right

  3. Hi Chris – thanks for all your great videos, I really love your presentation style. I'm a player with a bit slower swing speed, and would love to replace my 5 and 4 irons with hybrids – but unfortunately I struggle with hybrids and woods going quite left, whereas my longer irons I can keep straight (but my carry distance suffers). I have my irons set 2 degrees flat, and I suspect that hybrids are a bit too upright and I can't seem to keep the face from closing at impact. A future video with some tips and drills to help with this would be amazing!

  4. First video i saw which describe club speed needed for such clubs. I hit my irons in the 70s and never really achieved the loft i wished on longer irons and never will be, so glad i bought 1 hybrid and probably need one more 🙂

  5. I hit my hybrids 195 y and 205 yards respectively. I delofted my irons so much at impact that my dynamic loft on them was less than 10 degrees. Hybrids saved my long game. Great video CR. thank you.

  6. I know at age 65 I should be using hybrids more often. But there's nothing in golf more fun and pleasing than hitting a long iron pure. I will stick with my two iron and four iron for the foreseeable future.

  7. I refuse to listen or watch any other golf instructors, in fear of harming my golf game. Another great video, excellent content ????cheers from Colorado

  8. Great content Chris. I game up to 5 iron and I do find I'm inconsistent with 5 and yes the ball does in forward so this set up should help me. I also carry a 3 hybrid which I absolutely flush ????

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