Why not work with your slice and turn it into a fade? or just keep shouting FORE RIGHT

Fix Your Driver Mistakes Easy Fix Golf Slice & Hook | Beginner Golfers. In this video, Coach Shayain is joined by golf professional Angello Collins to receive tips on improving her golf swing. Collins advises Shayain to lower the height of her tee to improve distance and avoid hitting the ball too high on the club head. He also explains that Shayain is swinging over the top, causing her shots to go to the right. Collins suggests that she focus on rotating her body and shifting her weight to the left to correct this. To help Shayain visualize her swing path, Collins suggests placing a club or tee on the ground to guide her hands and club head. They also discuss the terms for different shot types, such as fade, slice, pull, and draw. Collins demonstrates how to hit a draw by focusing on body rotation and holding the club face open. Shayain practices these techniques and sees improvement in her shots.

00:00 Intro
00:51 Tip 1 – Fix Your Slice
2.35 Tip 2 Impact Position
06:55 Tp 3 Down Swing
08:06 Tip 4 Swing Speed
08:44 Ball Flight – Slice – Hook
09:19 – Fix your Hook
09:42 Tennis & Baseball Analogy

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2 thoughts on “Why not work with your slice and turn it into a fade? or just keep shouting FORE RIGHT

  1. Learn how to fix your Slice and Hook with your Driver! The biggest we see as golf coaches for all Beginner Golfers. Angello Collins PGA Certified and Golf Digest Coach from Jacksonville is here to give us easy fixes for our Driver Mistakes. Ball goes far right or far left this video is for you! Let us know if you have any questions … comment below.

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