► Golf Monthly's irons expert Joel Tadman heads to Orlando Florida to put the latest game improvement irons on the market to the test to help you get a clearer picture as to which model might be best for your game. Whether you prefer something more compact, forgiving or easier on the wallet, there will be an iron perfect for you within Joel's selection and make sure you watch to the very end to hear his favorite as it may well surprise you!

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  1. Callaway Paradigm without question. Hit most of these iron heads in a recent fitting session at Club Champion when switching to a graphite shaft. The all-forged heat was smooth and not clicky like the other heads. The ball rockets off the paradigm head. Four handicap here…

  2. Great review. Still waiting for a panel of players, who actually need a GI set. That would be more representative than letting a pro test them (in my opinion:)).

  3. The problem is you're relatively young, limber, slender and can turn with the best of them. You would have no clue what is best for a senior golfer, because you don't swing like most tight, worn out senior bodies! Seniors need a compact back swing, with adequate wrist angle and they have no where near your finish. Come back when you're 70 and let us know what you think then!

  4. Hogwash. This is nonsense about best game improvement irons for mid to high handicappers. Handicap has nothing to do with it. A golfer can be at any level and play the same irons. What matters is if the club feels right to you. What you want to do is go to a DEMO DAY or check out a few demo clubs to take to the range and/or golf course and test them out on your own time before you decide and buy. Don't buy irons sight unseen because a salesman says that his particular clubs are right for your handicap. I only play with 4 wedges and a 9 iron and 5 hybrids and a Driver. That's it. A salesman will try to get you to buy an entire set but all you really may want is wedges and a 9 iron. The rest of your shots can easily be played with 8 hybrid to 3 hybrid, and Driver. This varies from golfer to golfer and what works and feels right for them.

  5. Srixon and Mizuno…always make sure at fitting also to take looks, sound and overall feeling in consideration…i could also go with Apex, Titleist but as far as looks goes Mizuno and Srixon and probably they would fitt me as i should get fitted, Japanesse irons, hard to go wrong with them

  6. Why do golf reviewers so often put the Game Improvement Iron tests in the hands of pros or low handicap golfers?

    Surely the point of the review is to show how well they forgive inconsistent swings, low swing speeds, off-centre hits, and so on and so forth?

  7. Someone actually reviewed and included a Yonex club. Yonex deserves more attention, but they are practically invisible, and hard to find in the U.S. market.

  8. The problem with all these golf YouTubers reviewing mid/high handicap clubs! Their super low or scratch golfers and always using steel stiff shafts which most mid/high handicappers would NOT be using. Try doing reviews using reg graphite for once. YouTube reviews do not represent what the buyers will experience

  9. Surprising that wilson did not make it to your top 4 given the maximum distance, price point and sound/feel as you yourself positively assessed!

  10. LOVE my Stealths……hard to get rid of them they perform great for me and consistent ….would be willing to try the Mizuno and the Ping….but I should really stick with what worked well for me last year….went from a 14 handicap to a 9….maybe in the hunt for a driver…. Have a fitting with TXG in March….cheers from Canada

  11. Just upgraded to the older T300s, love them and would recommend them for sure. But, I’m sure most of these would do the job for us mid/higher handicappers

  12. I'm assuming your a scratch golfer? Would have been nice for you to have had a mid handicap player testing the irons with you. Especially with the Wilson iron vs lets say the G430? The Paradym X iron would have been a better eye test here? Overall though, it was good watch. Thx

  13. To me on looks the srixon looks more like a bladed iron…closer enough to a taylormade p770 or p790 and not a improvement iron….I have a p790s….so I would prefer these…also is it me or are they getting more and more closer to a players distance iron now in looks and size…the game improvement irons used to be very chunky

  14. Thanks for this video. I haven't tried the new offerings for 2023 yet but you're going to be hard pressed to take my Stealths away from me. your performance chart shows why. High spin, height AND distance wins every time. Plus at 125 mph ball speed I am getting 200 yards out of 7 iron. Beat that!

  15. Great review as always most interesting. I’m playing T300 which are great and will be testing Callaway, Taylormade and Ping at my club so should be interesting. Will probably test the Wilson as have had their irons in the past and are not only good but great value. The Z4 look very nice too.

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