How to Find Your Perfect Golf Swing Tempo

Golf swing tempo can be a difficult thing to teach. Your swing is way too fast. Maybe your golf swing is too slow? Perhaps you're just too quick from the top of the swing. These are things golfers tell each other on the course all the time, but which is it?

You may be struggling with your golf swing tempo and rhythm, but what does good tempo look like? Are you struggling with your golf swing takeaway, is your golf backswing too slow or too fast, or are you transitioning poorly? Watch this video to help learn some simple golf swing basics, and learn a great tempo drill to help you smooth out your golf swing!

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10 thoughts on “How to Find Your Perfect Golf Swing Tempo

  1. Tried the Right left drill at the range this morning! Hit some nice shots and never felt so free in my swing! Yes, you need to understand basics of golf swing, but for someone who has myriad swing thoughts and has done for the past 25 years, this is the best drill I have ever used. It was a joy to swing this morning.

  2. thank you Todd. recently returned to regular playing after a long layoff and dropped some strokes by working on my short game. got excited and now I'm overzealous and want to crush every hit & have destroyed my usually good tempo. will try this and report back.

  3. Just played the best 9 holes I’ve played in months. All I was thinking about was ‘left right, left right’. The other benefit was I thought about nothing else in the swing so it quietened down all the bad swing thoughts I had going through my head. Thanks so much ??

  4. Great tip. First it’s allowing you to stay relaxed and second using the Right to Left you are not over thinking the shot. Thank you for the tip and great video too

  5. Nice video Todd….For my tempo I like to say to myself “ 1 and 2 “ but I also use a weighted club (like the orange whip) to help with my tempo almost every day…seems like the extra weight enhances my tempo consistency ?

  6. Great tip, reminds of a similar tip from years back, swing 3-5 times in succession and step into the real swing without stopping, but what about all this snow ? ?

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