Swing slower to go faster. Get more distance with a slower golf swing

Many amateur golfers try to gain more distance by swinging too fast. A fast swing is not a consistent golf swing. Golf legend Ben Hogan said: Reverse every natural instinct. And that is a true statement. If you swing slower, you will go faster because you have more time to rotate. More rotation means more distance.


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10 thoughts on “Swing slower to go faster. Get more distance with a slower golf swing

  1. I want you to know as a beginner, I have learned so much from your videos. I am curious about something, in some of your videos, like in this one, there is an intro with you doing different drills or exercises, what is the one where you are swinging a broom??? LOL. Just wondering

  2. I have followed all your videos with huge success…especially with your 3 club bunker lesson. Yesterday I went to golf range and practiced the slow swing with my fairway wood, I must say it helps, still have to keep practicing to be consistent but I am on the way. The 7 iron tip on how to hit the grass after the ball actually working with my feet together with keeping my hands in front of the ball ( miraculous)…you have helped me drop my handicap from 32 to 28…I play with ladies only once a week but now I feel a little more confident to compete another day. Thank you so much

  3. Where has this channel been hiding all this time ? this is amazing information! I am learning golf now and taking professional lessons. My swing when I started was extremely fast and was very inconsistent and as I take lessons now I’ve slowed my backswing similarly like you have shown in this video and I hit the ball more consistently now because of it. how exciting is the watch someone demonstrate it perfectly just like you thank you and keep up the great work! Cheers, Dann

  4. Any tips for alignment? When you stand behind the ball and then move to the side angles change confusing golfers. Any drill on how to line up and know that you are square with your target? I need a routine.

  5. Always enjoy your instruction videos Tom. I, for one, although I should know better, have a tendency to fall into the "fast swing trap." This not only leads to shorter distances but offline shots. I'll definitely keep the "slower is better" thought in mind before making my swing in the future. Well done!!

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