How to Fix Your Golf Reverse Pivot Garaunteed!!

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Have you been struggle with a reverse pivot in you golf swing? Have you tried all f the tips and tricks to no avail.

Well this video will be a bit different than any you have seen before. Watch as I go over some secret tricks I use to make golfers improve their swings incredibly fast.

You may be happy to find out that you can improve your swing very quickly once you start practicing the right way. It is all about how you practice and not what you practice.

Watch this video to find out how one of my students fixed his reverse pivot forever, in just a few days, after struggling for years.

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lifeson241 says:

This is me 4 sure I’ll swing getting to hunched over my ball no hip
action and all arms looking like a robot, hitting my 6 iron fat having the
ball go 30 feet at the most. Driving the ball beautiful, bought some used
Titleist prov1x and hit 16 of 18 fairways, with a relaxed no tension swing
with the R7 driver. If I can hit the crisp 6,7,8 PW I can say par is so
close. I bogeyed 11 holes and 2 measly par’s. Got a triple on 9 drove it
wright down the middle 260, and hit my 6 iron like a dead man, getting the
triple bogey I should hit the green in 2!! only had 150 left!! This has
been going on TOO LONG. I am close to SCRATCH if this can be
corrected!!!! any recommendation’s PLEASE HELP :() 

Tactics Network says:

This will really help my golf game, I think this is the problem I have been
having all along, thanks again for bringing this up.

FitFast8 says:

its not really ever called a forward pivot, but I know what you mean. Three
things. One-a reverse pivot encourages hips sliding rather than turning
(meaning loss of position and potential power). Two, a reverse pivot
position will tend to cause too much weight to be on the lead foot-either
it will stay there in the downswing and no weight transfer will have taken
place (loss of power and because spine is leaning towards target, you’ll
hit too much down on the ball), or weight will transfer(cont)

FitFast8 says:

(cont) to the back foot (no power from weight transfer as it is reversed),
and your head will be out of position and the club will tend to come in too
shallow. Lastly, the left shoulder (often considered the centre of the
swing arc) will tend to move left and right too much. With the correct
pivot the spine will consistently lean slightly away from the target in the
back swing and forward swing, creating a much more consistent left shoulder
position at impact(and therefore bottom of swing arc).

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