Jason Day Golf Swing: Golf Tips How to Use the Hips Stereotypes

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Jason Day Golf Swing: Golf Tips How to Use the Hips Stereotypes

Jason Day is one of the best golfers alive. He has a fantastic blend of both speed and power. In this video we will address the stereotype that all golfers need to spin their hips as fast as possible to get speed.

I will show you the correct motions of both the right leg and the left left and how to use both of them throughout the downswing. You may be surprised at how the left leg works to help Jason to stabilize the lower body and produce speed.

Good luck with your golf game!

Clay Ballard

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Yan Lin Myint says:

Very informative videos one should see
repeated to inprove golf as any in any sports the understanding of basic
kinetics is needed.

RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

Good question. Both hands will have their roll in the release of the golf
club. You will want to watch the left hand release, right arm release and 5
minutes to the perfect release videos on the site. It will go over the
correct motions. Good Luck! ~Clay Ballard

Arul Sood says:

Hi Chuck, I am regular viewer of your swing tips in youtube. This video
helped me clear my concept of downswing and how to keep head steady if we
look at Jason Day’s follow through. I have question regarding release and
extension. When we release the club do we use both hands to release or
right hand which is dominant hand or just left hand.

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