How to Get the Club head Lagging Properly in the Downswing

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Lag is a term we hear so much about, but so misunderstood. In this video we talk about real lag, and how to get the clubhead lagging behind you properly to help you hit the ball better!!!

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Cole Pielop says:

How much grip pressure do you have in each hand? Thanks Larry

michael nevins says:

Can you do a video regarding getting stuck in the downswing?

Johan Klarin says:

Very helpful. But what's a push draw? I know what a draw is…

Mdrnsamurai says:

Thanks, Larry! 🙂

Philip Palmer says:

These are fantastic drills. Thanks for the reminder Larry.

Stephen Black says:

I worked this out for myself at one point last year and must say the contract felt great. However, after a couple of days I started to get too much curvature to the left. The driver became a snap hook and was totally unplayable. When this happens is it a matter of the path becoming just too much in to out? Ball starts pretty much where I want (right of target) but just curves too much. Ease off the feeling at this point?

jack says:

Wow, great tip, and not too complicated to understand or implement. Thanks

Bandit Baker says:

Just LOVE that drill Larry, many thanks!

hbyrdut says:

If 6 o'clock is right on the target line and you down hinge to say 8 o'clock would that do pretty much the same thing?

Jit Bug says:

thanks Larry. Love the half swing drills. The looping sensation has helped me where I'm getting much better contact and distance now, especially with Driver

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