How to Get the Club head Lagging Properly in the Downswing

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Cole Pielop says:

How much grip pressure do you have in each hand? Thanks Larry

michael nevins says:

Can you do a video regarding getting stuck in the downswing?

Johan Klarin says:

Very helpful. But what's a push draw? I know what a draw is…

Mdrnsamurai says:

Thanks, Larry! 🙂

Philip Palmer says:

These are fantastic drills. Thanks for the reminder Larry.

Stephen Black says:

I worked this out for myself at one point last year and must say the contract felt great. However, after a couple of days I started to get too much curvature to the left. The driver became a snap hook and was totally unplayable. When this happens is it a matter of the path becoming just too much in to out? Ball starts pretty much where I want (right of target) but just curves too much. Ease off the feeling at this point?

jack says:

Wow, great tip, and not too complicated to understand or implement. Thanks

Bandit Baker says:

Just LOVE that drill Larry, many thanks!

hbyrdut says:

If 6 o'clock is right on the target line and you down hinge to say 8 o'clock would that do pretty much the same thing?

Jit Bug says:

thanks Larry. Love the half swing drills. The looping sensation has helped me where I'm getting much better contact and distance now, especially with Driver

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