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Saiyan Army & Alpha Clothing
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elephant man says:

hit that shit every day

P.A.N.D.E.M.O.N.I.U.M. says:

Great Video Man. One and a half years into lifting. Currently on a push pull split and loving it!!!

ShakeEmWill says:

That intro was lit ??

Hunter Crews says:

Matt, what size Alpha long sleeve are you wearing?

Isaac Niz says:

Can u plz answer this I heard that if u drink coffee it doesn't make u grow muscle is that true??

iFFy says:

…7 years to go

Poland syndrome bodybuilding says:

Yell at them, worked for CT

chicken illeri says:


leonard garcia says:

Hey Matt , how can u bring up ur fore arms?

Evandro Pedro says:

panda panda panda

Julian Liebeck says:

What about lagging streaming for DragonBall Z

DromeDroid says:

dunno ay something just dont add up

Pauyee Lim says:

Thought I had a strong back haha, still in yamcha mode.. thumbs up though!

Kinstrom says:

Hey, how do u improve a lagging chest? jk lol, good video

Chris NP says:

I got broads in Atlanta

Sari Farsi TV says:

he cycles , and if u still his natty u are noob

Soonho Kwon says:

Dude you should compete at the Musclemania America at Vegas on October. Pretty sure you can win the Men's physique overall and even get a pro card. I am so sure you can do it man.

betruet says:

I'm getting a bad cold just wondering in your experience if you think your more likely to get sick while cutting. I'm normally pretty good at fighting off stuff but this one has been hanging around for a while. I would assume cutting would decrease your immunity abit. Just wondering cheers 😉

Brit Chesley says:

What is the intro song? Is it custom or can I download the full beat?

Noel Valentin says:

Any advice on how much weight to lift when you start getting back in the gym

Patrice O'Neal says:

Matt, I have weak everything how do I bring it up?

B says:

To make it 10 years, you gotta learn to love your lifts. You gotta workout for yourself and not for others.

Joshua Robertson says:

Question for goku or anyone in the comments who has the knowledge. When cutting, on cheat days do you eat back up to maintenance?

TheKookza says:

Best intro on youtube!

AlexChrisMartin says:

Ever notice Saiyan's have pretty balanced physiques?

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