You will NEVER putt the same, Mike Malaska Golf on Be Better

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Mike Malaska Putting Drill and test

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21 thoughts on “You will NEVER putt the same, Mike Malaska Golf on Be Better

  1. Great content awesome drills, only critique I have is let the pro talk and camera/phone operator needs to practice moving to keep the speaker and or point of focus facing him. Also with your phone/camera really need to keep in front of person talking since at times it was hard to hear what was being said especially when they’re back was to the camera… again great content. Keep it up.

  2. I just wanted to give honor where honor is due. You are due honor (at least for this video). I followed a link in a video by Golf Sidekick and so glad I did. I've been practicing/playing as you've described since and it makes a tremendous difference in the result! Thanks again.

  3. Stupid putting video. I never use a line on a ball to put. Takes focus away from what youre meant to do. Try putting looking at the hole not the ball. When your throw a baseball do you look at the ball or where you wanna throw it!?

  4. or you can just trust the mark on the ball you set going to your aim point is true and put thru it and trust its right like i do lol..

  5. Blown away with this video; how to line up the ball (always had issues with the line on the ball in relation to the hole), the eyes finding an optimal place where the line looks good, etc. Excellent.

  6. Gosh, I need this bad. I line up with my putter about 4 inches left when I think it's straight at the hole. I compensate on my backswing and swing somehow. Good stuff.

  7. And most people will find themselves standing a bit further out from the ball to achieve this. I might be mistaken, but I've watched the tour pros, and I swear their putter shafts are bent flatter to compensate for the increase distance from the ball. My hunch is club manufacturers make the putter shafts too upright. This is why everybody sucks at putting. But this lesson is common sense but so overlooked. Now if you fucks will just repair your damn ball marks and learn to walk gentle on the greens, we'll all lower our damn scores. Have a nice day.

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