This Simple Drill will FIX Your Golf Swing FOREVER! #dothis

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The Best Fix in the History of Golf Training Aids! #dothis #mrshortgame

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Rod Rich says:

Plenty of accomplished pro have this cupped steep angle of attack.

BeachBow says:

LOL! I use a paint stick for this drill. And you're right, there are lots of ways to train, without spending $$$.

Tom Parisi says:

It is the simple things! And that "training device" touching the top of your arm provides instant feedback which leads to quicker correction!! Win win win!!

Overhand Golf says:

I find it interesting that these gimmicky fixes are what people come up with instead of fixing the root of the problem. The root of the problem is improper intention. Until you fix that you'll always revert back to your old faults.

Tommy Eden says:

Yep, told a friend at the range to put a credit card in there and it fixed his pull. It's amazing how much influence that little wrist has on your entire swing when you got all these other moving parts. Great tip!

Seth says:

Alright I subbed for this one.

OfficerEarlsPersonalTrainer says:

does anybody know what software he's using?

Daretocompare says:

Right when I was about to click off and find a sharpie you said “before you click off” I’m like dang he caught me haha. Smart man Matt. Great video once again thank you sir!

Jesse Hupko says:

Can’t wait to try this! I have a driver inconsistent issue and this just may help fix it…. I hope!


I absolutely love this!!! So simple low tech aide to stop cupping.

That's a Bingo says:

Another reason I love this tip, is you can actually play while practicing

That's a Bingo says:

I put a knife in my glove instead. I'm bleeding like a stuck pig, but boy, oh boy, you should see my swing.

Gareth Jackson says:

Have just given this a go and am struggling to grip the club properly at address with a flat left wrist. Any ideas anyone?

Cbus33 says:

Awesome and it works!

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