Ball position Essentials

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Start in the centre for wedges and work all the way to just inside of the lead foot heel for driver.

You can work it forward or back of the stock position to manipulate the ball flight. Forward promotes higher/fade bias. Back promotes lower/draw bias.

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Nerd Alert says:

I have to hit my wedges so far back in my stance that I’ll hit it thin if I dont. Maybe I need a different bounce, but I’ve got to come down steep or move it back or it’s off in the bushes

rodel sicat says:

That's the weakest grip I've ever seen! 😅

Al oreck says:

I learned this 40 years ago from a paper placemat in a restaurant. It taught you the basics of golf clubs

Justin Carpenter says:

I disagreed Phil Mickelson says you should never play wedge in between your feet and im lefty so if cap saw front or back that’s what I’m doing

Daniel Askew says:

Or you could do stack and tilt and just move the back foot

Mark Madrigal says:

How can I trust someone with the wrong grip 🤦‍♂️

Scott Halstead says:

Nope… you hit everything back in your stance working the ball forward increasing as the iron number goes up.

J Bates says:

jasen…river…? daughter? cc? coda bear j love u

J Bates says:

find me dude its ur mom

J Bates says:

gary clayton

J Bates says:

kerrancy raine rock??

Dead_Prez says:

This might’ve been the worst tips I’ve seen yet 😂

Joe Mcgee says:

Take the club back down the target line by breaking the wrists, so the club shaft is in line with youre target , from there glue your tail elbow to youre side, lead and tail elbows should remain close as you can get them, with a straight lead arm start the downswing.

D B says:

Because you move the stick each time it's kind of hard to see how much the ball is moving so you need to leave one anchored. So either put a second stick that you move with the ball or just leave the one stick at the which position and just move the ball as you go forward.

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