How to hit a draw or a fade | Rick Shiels PGA Golf Lesson

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Tom Downes having a golf lesson today with Rick Shiels PGA Golf Coach @ Trafford Golf Manchester. We got Tom working on shaping the golf ball with a simple swing though.

Toms first lesson:

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mehgc says:

Swing plane too flat. Swing too long. Doesn’t have enough forearm strength
to hold the club so gets crossed at the top due to the overswing. Don’t get
why you’d “teach” someone to feel like they’re cutting across the ball? You
setup open to the target and swing on that path – so you’re teaching him to
set up open and then feel like he’s cutting across that line? Err, no.
Better off teaching him for the fade to hold the top hand firm through
impact, curtailing the follow through so the club remains above the
horizontal at finish will help to trigger this feeling.

wow3bayslife says:

Check out your swing path!

Charlie Flowers says:

what are you sucking on while youre talking?

Óttar Helgi Einarsson says:

Sorry thats just terrible :/

wow3bayslife says:

Check out your swing path!

Curtis Cottle says:

Hi Rick, I have tried this but don’t get the shot shape (face or draw) it
tends to go straight right or left, any tips/drills for face? 

David Ross says:

How to hit a draw OR a fade: swing the golf club – one of them is bound to

jygolfer94 says:

Great video, Rick. Very simple and effective. Mark Crossfield also
mentioned something similar about where the club exits. I’m pretty sure Tom
can get to single figures easily with this swing.

Rick Shiels PGA says:

Thank you very much!

fradaja says:

back leg looks very straight

tucker35Ire says:

Great video, rick

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