Trevor Immelman Golf Swing: Perfect Swing Plane
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Trevor Immelman Golf Swing: Perfect Swing Plane (Golf's #1 Lag Instructor)

Of all of the players on the PGA Tour, Trevor Immelman is the player that I most like to watch swing a golf club. His swing is so effortless, so smooth, and yet absolutely powerful.

Trevor has no wasted movement in his golf swing.

In this analysis we will go over how he is able to achieve such a great golf swing plane. How to use the right elbow to keep from getting stuck, and how keeping the arms more vertical will allow for less blocks to the right.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future. Good luck with your golf game!

Clay Ballard

8 thoughts on “Trevor Immelman Golf Swing: Perfect Swing Plane

  1. Yeah really brought things into perspective for me too. Please explain how
    you defined the swing plane in the backswing (beginning of the vid); I
    noticed that it wasn’t the same as the shaft angle at address. Thanks for
    the vid.

  2. Another great vid, thanks Clay. Do you know if Trevors tracking of the
    plane line with the club head (looking DTL obviously) would be the same had
    the camera been slightly higher or lower? Also, what is the recommended
    camera height for swing analysis filming? Thanks as ever.

  3. Chuck, between the 2-3 minute you speak about how far behind the body to
    allow your right arm to travel. How do you know how far is TOO far…in
    front of or behind?

  4. great analysis to spot the launch angle thing…he grew up in windy
    conditions and apparently used to close the face and hold itoff…hitting
    low cut…leadbetter got him to open it on way back to release properly and
    so shape it bothways…hence his master win…amazing swing andgreat

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