How to Hit a Hybrid from the Tee

How to hit a hybrid golf club from the tee? The hybrid club blends the forgiveness of a fairway wood with the shorter shaft of an iron. The hybrid can help you out of bad lies from the rough. The hybrid is also a great club to use from the tee when hitting to narrow fairways.

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8 thoughts on “How to Hit a Hybrid from the Tee

  1. Good advice. It’s nice to hear a golf instructor on YouTube say that they didn’t hit a good shot. Usually they say it was a perfect shot straight down the middle of the fairway.

  2. I agree. Teeing the ball low with a hybrid is important. I use my finger to set just how low because I want it the same exact way every time. Even just teeing it a bit too high can throw things off.

  3. Thanks Mike and Lauren, hybrids are my favorite clubs and I hit them about exactly like you showed in the video! Your tips on golf have helped me a lot over the years as a result I now hit a ball fairly straight but I used to have enough slices to open a deli! My highlight last week was to shoot even par on our local 9 hole golf course, it felt really good! At 73 years old it is an accomplishment!

    Cheers Al

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