How to hit great iron shots – Golf Instruction by Craig Hanson

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29 thoughts on “How to hit great iron shots – Golf Instruction by Craig Hanson

  1. So follow through has to exit slightly left with a neutral style release –
    hard to explain I guess writing it . But generally I’m guessing as I can’t
    see your swings

  2. This is stack & tilt. If you do what your saying you have spine tilt
    towards target. Isn’t this is a big power lose. Not loading weight into
    right foot and tranfering weight to front foot. Power movement. 

  3. Ive tried this type of shot before and I hit the ball nicely but I usually
    hook the ball. What can I do to keep my weight on my left side but not hit
    a hook. Is this a timing issue since I would normally have to get around
    faster when I didnt have the weight on my left side as much?

  4. Hi Craig i really like your lessons alot! I have a question, could you
    describe the role of the arms/hands in the backswing and how to get them in
    sync with your shoulder turn to get the club in the right position in the
    backswing, seems to me to be a very big part of the game and never really
    heard it explained properly, except for maybe Steven Bann, love to hear
    your thoughts. Cheers Jeff

  5. Really great help, much better feeling throughout the shot. This is the
    golf video which helped me the most. The ony problem I still have that I
    throw the club to eary (lots of power loose). Could you please give me an
    advise ?

  6. It all depends if your hitting the right lines in your
    downswing…obviously not everyone can swing the same .If your stay centred
    and your plane is steep or swing is high it could make steeper . I would
    have to see your swing Pat to be able to help . Where did you get that
    awesome picture on your channel there its from Augusta isnt it ? Is it
    online or possible to buy online that picture?

  7. Its of in course impossible to give someone advice about there swing when
    you cant see the hand and wrist position and the plane and entry and exit
    etc etc .. i do these videos to attract future customers . But of course
    every swing and golfer are different .So you cant teach everyone the same
    .Having said that the majority of people would hit there irons shots better
    following or copying the same positions .I like the idea of your right foot

  8. Hi …and thanks …nah.. i am not into that stack and tilt stuff . I base
    more of what i teach on what the past and presents champions do and have
    done . I prove to my students through the use of slow motion ( and normal
    speed ) still camera shots with lines and angles showing exactly the
    positions and hallmarks of great players and great ball strikers .Theres
    just same angles and numbers lines that you cant get around . Theres
    certain things that great hitters do !! We must learn from them .

  9. Hi Craig.Great vid. Not seen iron play explained like this before. Is this
    basically a stack and tilt move you are advocating here?. My iron play has
    always been a bit iffy, I set up 50/50 weight wise and at the top of the
    swing push with my right foot to get the weight driving through to the left
    side and into the shot.

  10. One thing you can try that a lot of great players do and many of them do it
    without actually realising . Is to pinch the right knee in in your address
    position slightly . This means just pinch the right knee in a bit in the
    direction of the target .This helps keep resistance in the right leg ..A
    3/4 swing is great for your irons anyway.In the video i mentioned about 55%
    weight left (not much) …but you have to keep your spine angle correct in
    the address !! Anyway i would need to see your swing

  11. Ethan check out my website just google my name and you will find my website
    i cant put my website name in this comment box as it dosent allow links .
    Click on the english flag on the top right of the screen . You can then
    send me a email . That way we can communicate better . I have a new english
    website that will be opening soon …Through email i can tell you where to
    position your smart phone or camera etc etc …until then

  12. Thanks for you detailed reply. Your vids are great keep them coming!! One
    other question though how does an Aussie end up teaching Golf in Germany?
    do you retreat to sunnier climes in the winter as Germany has worse winters
    than us Poms suffer!!! Thanks again and love the vids

  13. Thanks for the tip Craig I’ll give that a go. In the mean time how would I
    send you a video of my swing. I have V1 software and also the SwingReader
    app. I’d like to have some professional feedback that would be great.

  14. I just dont like to see people move off the ball . I have my preferences
    but I am not into any style of swing . Right side or what ever swing style
    . I dont believe in one style of swing for every body . We are or built
    differently , feel and swing different . Its about impact and a great
    impact and being able to repeat that . If you move off a little and come
    back on it not such a bad thing depends also on a persons flexibility .

  15. Theres different excercises and drills you can use to improve keeping the
    butt back and the right leg in . But you would need to build a station with
    cut off shafts in the ground as to prevent movement in the wrong direction
    . One of the problems i see with many golfers is they dont have a real plan
    a blueprint or a goal for there swing . ( not saying you Pat ) They try
    this and that and after 12 months end up back in the same spot .To develop
    great leg work it may take between 12-18 months

  16. I find looking a couple inches ahead of the ball will help trick your mind
    to move your weight to the left leg and make better contact. I used to look
    at the back of the ball and thats where my divot would always be. This
    resulted in topping the ball every time. Just a quick tip to help people.

  17. Oh and would it be fair to say your a fan of the “right sided swing”, based
    on your video above, not so much stack and tilt as others have suggested.

  18. Hey craig, now i’ve watched all your videos. Thanks, i really enjoyed them.
    Maybe you can help me just a little bit with one thing. In almost every
    analysis you mentioned the butt and the right knee at adress position and
    how they moved, stayed or worked at impact. The butt was even a little bit
    more behind the line and the knee stayed behind the line you have drawn. I
    know i can’t get to those positions. I know maintaining the spine angle
    should work or pressing the butt slightly to the back

  19. Hey Pat ..changing leg and feet positiond it much harder than changing arm
    planes and club planes .It seems to be a little like our signature . But
    its possible . After 2-3 months you will only see a couple of centimetres
    improvement !! Thats why there are not so many really good golfers around
    everyone goes searching all the time . If you craete the same postions and
    hit the same lines you can create the same shots .I have a knew online
    training website opening soon if your intersted ..thanks

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